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Tesserae Preview

Tesserae Preview, hindu, sari

Now that the poster is out, I can finally share what I was up to for the past month or so and how I re-defined busy.

Tesserae - SMUCO1
Tesserae is kind of like a dream project of mine as it allows me to showcase my images in a different way as compared to exhibiting them in galleries. Plus this combines my love for visual storytelling and music, what more can I ask for?

It is also one of the most challenging as I am given an insane deadline on top of my full-time job.

My task is to come up with a series of visuals of about 20 minutes for 4 songs while the orchestra performs the music live.
Visuals = stills + moving images + time-lapse + final cut pro + live performance

Hail Mary… 1800-dial-pandora

Here is a sneak preview of images from one of the songs Bho Sambho featuring Deepa(:

I learnt a lot from this project; especially when it came to editing and working with videos.

Ever grateful to Pandora; Rueven for helping me out with the shoot/ edit and Deepa for spontaneously agreeing to be my ‘goddess.’

I hope to see some of you guys at the concert!

Tesserae rehearsal

Rehearsing with the orchestra

Also, I am a finalist for the Skyscanner Travel Awards Bloscars.
Stand a chance to win 500SGD worth of travel credits weekly when you vote for your favourite blogger. hopefully its me
Voting ends on the 23rd of February so cast your votes now!


Lastly, ending off with a picture of the kid that drove me nuts on my 7 hour flight to Australia.
This was his most angelic moment and it lasted for like an hour before he started terrorising everyone on the plane again…


Leica M-E; ISO 2500; 35mm F1.4; 1 sec

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