Writing Wednesday: #RockYourHandwriting

I am not a calligraphy expert but I do love handwriting notes and sending little letters topped with wax seals.
It has been a while since I sat down and really practised my lettering without any distractions due to time constrains. So when I came across the #rockyourhandwriting challenge, I knew I had to do it!

It works just like the many a photo a day challenges floating around on the internet. You are given a daily prompt, you write about it and voila! Your handwriting should improve if you keep working on it! My favourite part about this challenge is that there is a community of writing enthusiast who are ever ready to support you on Facebook and Instagram.

I for one have loads to improve on my cursive as some of the letters like the Rs and Zs do not connect well with the rest.

The purpose of this challenge is really an excuse for your pen and paper to meet. Take the time out to fill in pages of that journal you’d bought years ago which is still empty and sitting on the shelf.
We have been tapping on our screens and keyboard for too long so dust off the dust on your pretty pens and #rockyourhandwriting!

My first 7 days:

Pens used: Montblanc Classique Fountain Pen & Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen
Inks: Montblanc Oyster Grey & Winter Glow

I’ll do my best to complete the challenge for the month of May and time will tell if there is any improvement in my handwriting at all.

Also, regarding my Instagram accounts:
My photography stuff is now on @noforeignlands.sg while personal/ handwriting stuff goes to @jamiecphotos.
Do give both a follow and say hi!

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