Postcards from Hong Kong

Cable Car View, Hong Kong, Tai Yu San, Harbour, WaterI am not fond of Hong Kong and I think it shows in my rather uninspiring images of the place.
I really dislike the insane waves of people who seems to surround you wherever you go and their legendary service where you get scolded when you ask for directions or eat too slowly…
Perhaps I got used to the amount of personal space Australia offered but when I was surrounded by such tall buildings that limit the view of the sky, my claustrophobia kicked in at an all time high.

I photographed the Yellow Umbrella Movement while I was there and it was a really surreal experience to find yourself in the middle of something that you have been hearing so much about in the news.
Things got ugly for one part and I still need some time to process and finalize the series of images which I feel best presents the movement according to what I saw; so keep your eyes peeled!

While I was in Hong Kong, my best friend said something that struck me: “I remember a conversation of you saying you’ll be in Singapore for a while?”
I am honestly a little guilty that I lost touch with some of my friends back in Singapore but I can’t seem to stop travelling despite what my bank account dictates (Writing this in Malaysia at the moment!)
I can foresee that many of my relatives will ask me when and if I will get a ‘real job‘ when I meet them during Chinese New Year but I guess I just can’t explain the need to be on the road and always on the move.
The best explanation I can think of is a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

When I am stagnant, it feels like a death sentence to me; passing each day just because I have to but when I am on the road, it is a different story altogether.
Any of you travellers feel the same way?

Street Photography, Hong Kong, Leica M, Travel, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands


Street Photography, Hong Kong, Leica M, Travel, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands,, Night

Night neon sign

Street Photography, Hong Kong, Leica M, Travel, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, Blue Sky, Tall Buildings

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  1. I totally understand what you are saying about traveling and part of me has been longing to hit the road – but, can’t right now. And traveling really doesn’t help to keep mail communication consistent. But, love your photos, glad you blog. Enjoy your youth and traveling while you can. I didn’t get a “real” job until I was over 50, and I still wonder if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be. Stability vs adventure?

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