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Our Very Own Stories -Desmond & Onn

For those who dropped by for my recent group exhibition at The Factory, thank you for coming!
Thing is, I’m sure you guys noticed that my ‘captions’/stories for my subjects are really short. As usual, I can’t write within a small space and I believe that a photo essay should be filled with images and not words. Due to budget constrains, there were a couple of images I could not show but here they are now(:

Desmond is a freelance performer while Onn works in the corporate world. They met 8 years ago in a fairytale situation whereby both had their prior appointments either cancelled or postponed and they decided to wander around the shopping center for a while; and as cliché as it sounds, love at first sight do happen as they met at the right place, at the right time.

I’ll like to thank them for letting me into their space and giving me the opportunity to witness what it means to love someone.
I had the opportunity to document Desmond transforming into his alter ego and had so much fun during the shoot!

I thought this was very cute 😛

Be strong in standing up for yourself; be yourself and do not live a lie as it will get better.

Our Very Own Stories Part 2: Lynn and Jia

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