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Off The Streets 3

Hairy days
Serangoon Central

New images from the streets!
This post was supposed to be out last week but guess who got inundated in work everyday T_T

In any case, I made time and managed to once again walk around with the Mamiya 645AF3 and Phase One P30+ back.
I am pretty surprised that I have not abandoned that camera for a lighter and quieter one for my street work. Shooting on the streets with a medium format is really something but good lord the image quality is absolutely incredible. can’t say that about the file size </3

You normally try your best to be as ‘invisible’ as possible on the streets but that camera is nowhere near discreet as it is huge, bulky, noisy and very heavy.
I guess I am more of an obvious photographer than an invisible one :3

Working with a camera that practically screams OH HIHI LOOK AT ME means that knowing when to raise your camera is more important than before. To challenge myself even further, I shot the images in monochrome. I love black and white images but I am kind of terrified of it as I can never seem to get it right thus I stay very far away from it. But I know I have to start somewhere and what better place to start than on the streets.
I am still learning, desperately trying my best to get use to the camera and look at things in black and white so critiques/ comments/ tips are always welcome!

Not so hairy days
Serangoon Central

The Duck
Serangoon Central

Duck on offer
Serangoon Central

Serangoon Central

Serangoon Central

Serangoon Central

Clarke Quay

City Hall

Lastly, for those in Singapore I’d love to see you at my group exhibition this Friday, 24th of August at The Factory (22 Lim Tua Tow Road, 547772)

Short summary:
Our Very Own Stories showcases Singaporean LGBT stories and photographs of struggles and triumph against the challenges of self-worth, self-image, discrimination and bullying. A collaboration between community photographers the exhibition seeks to inspire hope in youths to show them a future beyond the adversities that they face today.

RSVP/ More information here

Hope to see you guys there(:

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  1. Hi Jamie. Very enjoyable pics. The woman’s catwalk stare, the headless businessmen, the homely homework in a formal setting, the City Hall Smile…. and its composition. Great variety…great shots.

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