International Festival Chorus: Portraits For The Telephone Choir

International festival Chorus, rehearsals

This season, I was tasked to do head-shots of the International festival Chorus’ choir committee.
My ‘goal’ for headshots is to make my subject look confident and approachable and something that I picked up a while back is that telling someone to smile is not going to work.
Neither is telling them to ‘look confident and approachable’ going to score you any brownie points.

The trick for shoots like these is that you got to give your subjects a reason to smile.
There you go. No fancy lighting equipment or background.

Just the Leica M-E and many reasons to smile.

A bit of the rehearsal madness we went through before our concert on the 19th of December:

International festival Chorus, rehearsals, Albert Tay

On the concert day itself!

SOTA Stage, Albert Tay, International Festival Chorus

Stage in SOTA

So there you go, one season worth of images.
Our next season begins on the 7th of January!
Can’t wait(:

If you are looking for a fun way to spend your Tuesday evenings and love to make music, find out more about the IFC here.

International Festival Chorus, Theme Song, An Irish Blessing

Our theme song

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