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Belated Birthday Reflections 2016

Pandora Wong, Jamie Chan, Travel, Leica

Photo by: Pandora Wong

As I learnt to embrace and adapt to the changes around me, I find myself in a very good place in life.
A major change to my eat, love and travel kind of lifestyle would be that I started school in Lasalle, Singapore in August which would somewhat explain the radio silence on my blog.

What? Jamie goes back to school? Does she need a pencil case? Panic, panic!

 Arts Management is the kind of strange and diverse subject that you would like to avoid explaining to your relatives during Chinese New Year. Can eat annot?
To be a successful art manager, one has to not only understand the arts but must be able to act as a bridge between the artist and the audience blablabla so says the windy essay I wrote in order to get into the course.

For most parts, it is really about communication, how you present yourself and how to organise information/ events/ life, well. You are basically the person that makes sure the burning building does not collapse; if it does, think quick and make sure that it is due to artistic intentions.
It helps to be able to use Microsoft Excel which terrifies me because numbers; I am not looking forward to the accounting module…

Since I am doing a bachelor, I am on average, 5 years older than my classmates which puts me in the ‘old mature student’ category.
Being older has its perks in that my work and travels gave me life skills and insights to how things actually are which you can really only gain through experience. Having said that, it is very refreshing to hear my classmate’s innocent opinions on issues and watch them panic during presentations.
It reminds the cynic in me that perhaps, we can change the world with art; that all we need is love and art to live!

Then I walk into Elephant and Coral with a burning desire to one day be able to walk out with a $1,000 Omas fountain pen…

Doing this course is really a good break from the ‘adult’ world as I flash my student card for discounts with pride.
I do miss the crazy last-minute travels but I believe that this would be beneficial to me in the long run.

Compared to the previous years where I was really struggling as an artist and as a person, this year and the opportunities that presented itself to me has been amazing and I am so grateful for the people around who supported me every step of the way.
Highlights include flying in a helicopter over a forest, riding scooters in Indonesia and Taiwan, singing in a Wagner’s opera, meeting the bunnybuns and I know there are so much more to come.

I’ll do my best-ish to post more, at least once a week who am I kidding.
I have so many stories to share starting from the two recent music shoots I did and my madcap adventures in Taiwan with Pan and the Pan-tec

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and calls, I’ll keep flying higher!

Pandora Wong, Kenting, Taiwan, Jamie Chan, travel, blog, shovava

Kenting shenanigans. Photo by: Pandora Wong

PS: The amazing scarf is by Shovava!
PPS: Asako from Covo does my changing hairstyle!
PPPS: No, I still don’t have a pencil case because the aaaaartist in me uses fountain pens with 13 bottles of ink.

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