The 4 Note Opera By L’arietta

The 4 Note Opera Singapore, Leica, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, L'arietta

Cast of the show

Last month, I had the opportunity to work with L’arietta; a contemporary chamber opera company perfectly summed up as ‘small operas, big dramas.’
When you think about operas, your mind would probably imagine the usual big stage, an orchestra, singers singing in a foreign language performing a dead man’s work.
L’arrietta stripped it down to the bare minimum, figuratively especially when the music for The 4 Note Opera by Tom Johnson is made up of well, 4 notes.

It was hard focusing at times when I shot their rehearsals and full-dress because it was hilarious just observing the little nuances and character play off between the musicians and actors!
I throughly enjoyed shooting for them and am really looking forward to their next production!

Till the next show!

4 Note Opera, Singapore, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, Leica, Photography, the quartet, L'arietta

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