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Who’ll stop the rain?

The Junior Shooting Home opening exhibition is over and till now, it still feels like a dream to see my works up on the panels.
Just last year, I promised myself that I will be part of a group or solo exhibition before I graduate and I did it! Without the school’s help.
So thats an early strike off on my bucket list(:

I’ll be presenting my works to some forty odd people later in the afternoon for a sharing session on my thought process and I have not prepared a single thing! I think I work best with last minute panic and some impromptu magic.

Here are some images from the opening exhibition,

Receiving the certificate of participation(: 

Big love to Kalli, Si, Helen and the two future lady killers who came down for the opening<333

JSH has been an absolutely fun toture for me as I had not felt the drive to shoot everyday for a long time. It kind of got buried under mountains of failed design works and projects that never seem to end. So this was a good wake up call as too why I love photography.

Truth be told, I hit a funk/ dead end/ wall while I was shooting for this workshop and I think I am probably still partially in it right now due to some reasons.
Every image that I shot sucked. I wanted a James Natchwey/ Steve McCurry/ Mathias Heng button on my camera while I was chanting ancient hocus pocus and doing hail mary dances to get my images.
Negativity  seems to come down hard on me like a rain that will never end as I was so tired of everything. When I finally snapped and retreated back into my shell, I was so afraid. I asked why on god’s great green earth did I choose this path and I should probably be a calefare to live out one of my first love in life -acting. I sunk into the deep depths of deepness on how I really sucked but as I recalled the shutter of the 5D, the hours of interaction I had and the moments that people allow me to document… I really love my craft.

It hurts when someone close to me spited me and said stuff like lets see how long your ‘interest’ can last. Because the people who are closest to you are supposed to be the one who supports you all the way but they are sort of waiting for your downfall so that they can go ‘see, I told you so moron!’

My images may not be my absolute best or as intimate but one thing is for sure and that is I worked so bloody hard for them. I had this insane ridiculous pocket amount of time that I could shoot and I had to make the most of them. I had lots of commitments and this was probably one of the most physically and mentally exhausting shoots I ever did. I had to travel and walk all the way into the kennels which gives me plenty of time to think of rubbish like lets see how long my interest will last and my god was it distracting inside. As much as you know the animals are inside the cages, with an over imaginative mind like mine, you can’t help thinking that you are going to get killed by the dogs once they managed to somehow jump out of their cages. Coupled with the noise and smell, it was really hard to focus and shoot. But I guess I partially pulled it off so in a way, I am not jumping with joy but I am happy or at least, partially satisfied.

So school started this week which makes officially promotes me to a queen bee of beesy-ness. Ok that was pretty bad even for my ‘Jamie jokes’…
I have two lovely modules for this block in which one of them is ‘lovelier’ than the other.

Advertising campaign. Design Subject. End of story.

Creative Writing. Non design subject. Can you feel my love for it already???

I was having this conversation with my friend just the other day and she went like you seem to score very well for non design related subjects! I wonder why…
Anyways I am really enjoying creative writing as the name suggests, it is all about writing creatively which is good for me as I have been doing this for the past god knows how many years. So coughing out 1000-1500 words do not require a single strand of my hair! Yayness(: The best part is, we have to submit some ten journals and I can see ten plausible blog post for this month!
I have not been blogging like a mad woman due to my insane color coded schedule but now I have a module that encourages me to blog? Is that awesome or what?
Besides, I just realised that Rayearth has been around for 4 years since May 2007! Four long historical years and this is my 374th post! I’ll do my best to get it up to 500 post by May 2012 and probably have a giveaway for one of my  prints soon(:

So keep those emails/ comments coming(: I’ll do my best to reply them!

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