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>The guy with the master left eye

> I am still recovering from last week’s string of never-ending events whereby I got little and close to no sleep at all.So here is a post to make up for last week and probably this week:3On a different note, check out my photoblog and my LFI Gallery for my Thaipusam images. […]

>Its a happy day

>Reviewed my thaipusam shots today and they were not too bad considering the fact that it was my first time in such an event! I was squirming when I looked at my images and I really can’t believed that I actually took those shots>.> It was seriously a […]


>30th of January is over!!!! I really made used of every hour of this day and it is a really memorable one for me! I will be posting the images I shot over the next week and on my deviant art so do look out for it! When […]