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Street Photography Workshop With David H Wells


Not the best picture of the class but here it is anyways :/

I had the opportunity to attend a 3 session workshop on Street Photography with David H Wells organized by Objectifs over the past weeks.

David was great in explaining the technical side of things and it was lovely to have a fresh pair of eyes to comment and crit my current works.
I even picked up a few tips on how to crit photos like a pro by using the proper term to describe how you feel instead of saying: yea this is a nice photo.

I love his explanation of the 6 kinds of photographers, mainly: Confrontational; Objectify; Ponder; Quiet Observer; Humanise and Grab.
Each of us belongs to a category and I should really study the career paths and works of different photographers. Oh and shoot more.

Best of all, I finally understood why the essay I did in Kathmandu was not strong.
Now I just have to stop rationalizing, shut up and work harder when I get back to Kathmandu.

I have a lot of homework and research to do but in the meantime, here are some images I shot during the workshop’s photo walk.

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