Postcards From Kenya

A sausage tree in the Masai Mara; blue sky in the background

The sausage tree in the Masai Mara

I grew up on David Attenborough’s nature documentary, most of which features Africa heavily. So Africa is one of those places where it has a special place on my list but, I never found a strong enough reason to visit – much like Japan (more on that later).

I was fortunate that work presented an opportunity for me to be in Nairobi, Kenya, for 48 hours in February. Since I was going to be halfway across the world, I decided to extend the trip to include a safari tour and invite Mumsy along because that is what good Asian daughters do! 

So when the words ‘why don’t you come to Africa with me,‘ left my mouth, I remember immediately thinking that it was a terrible idea. Mumsy in Africa? A twiddly image of her popped into my head which screamed ‘I’m a tourist, scam me.‘ Also, what will she eat? What if she gets eaten?  

My fears and sanity were mostly unfounded; Mumsy and I had a blast, and we managed to return from Africa a week before the travel ban and isolation measures kicked in. Much has changed since our return; Singapore has been in a semi lockdown state, also known as the Circuit Breaker (give the PR agency an award) since the 7th of April 2020. The announcement gave me a mild panic attack. Under the new measure, I won’t be able to work in my studio while the place I live in is a murder case waiting to happen if I’m there 24/7 for a month. Thankfully, I currently have a home in a little oasis until I can work in my studio again.

Since pandemic is raging on the outside world and most of us are in some form of lockdown, I thought I’ll start by sharing some postcards of the great outdoors of Kenya. Hopefully, the stories to come will brighten your day a little and perhaps when this is over, encourage you to book a flight to Africa with your Mumsy.

It is such a special place!



Shadows on the wall as people walk past in Kibera, Kenya

Kibera at sunset

Golden fields with a lamp post in Kenya

Fields of gold

Construction going on by the road outside of Nairobi, Kenya

Roadside construction

Jamie Chan playing the ukulele on the balcony of the Samburu Sopa Lodge, Kenya at the blue hour

Saint-Saëns during the blue hour at the Samburu Sopa Lodge

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