Its been a long time since I blogged but I have a great excuse!

I was busy.

Long overdue images>.<

On the 27th of August, Sunday I was supposed to head down to St Johns island, an island off Singapore with a few mates but the weather threatened to capsize our boat so we ended up exploring Singapore. Sort of.

I swore I will shoot flowers(:

Fat. Huge. Did I mention fat?


I don’t really want to disclose the location now but it’s a really gorgeous place to do some editorial shoots! We have a few planned out so it’s pretty exciting!


*Insert human in the middle of the frame*

Think, huge campfire(:

Its like I was in a foreign land!

The fun part was that I cycled on a two person bicycle and it was one of the most interesting terrifying experience I ever had.
Seriously. If you need to bond with someone really quickly, go rent a two person bicycle. Coming from mountain bikers background, it was really fun hitting the bumps and feeling the vibration but the challenge comes when you have to make sure your partner stays on the bike as well!


Using Pan’s ND Filter:3

St John Island and a ton of blog post to come!


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