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Kathmandu: Water Buddies

img 7564 Kathmandu: Water Buddies Jamie Chan

I think everyone knows this by now that I am a walking nightmare with directions coupled with the fact that I cannot read maps to save my life.
Which means while I was in Kathmandu I got lost the moment I step out of my hotel.

img 7232 Kathmandu: Water Buddies Jamie Chan

Then again sometimes when you are lost, you discover something magical about a place like I did.
While I was lost, I came across a kind of like a communal bathing area where the water comes directly from the spring. I have no idea where this is beside the fact that it is probably outside of Thamel in Kathmandu. You have to climb down a flight of stairs to get there and you can use the water for bathing, washing clothes and as drinking water.

I never did come across the place again but I will never forget the smile of the little girl who was so amused that her picture pops up at the back of my screen. She was posing like a supermodel and was gave me such an incredible smile while she washed her face with soap and water. It is moments like these that I really want a Polaroid camera so that I can give a print of their image immediately.
After all, there is just nothing like holding a print in your hand.

img 7228 Kathmandu: Water Buddies Jamie Chan

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