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Kathmandu: Love Will Find A Way

Last November, I made a last-minute spontaneous decision as usual and flew some 3600km to one of my dream travel destination: Kathmandu, Nepal for the Kathmandu Inside Out Masterclass.
I had an absolutely brilliant experience as I met so many amazing people and even turned 20 with 3 cakes courtesy of the really sweet locals who found out about my birthday!

The dates for this year’s class are from the 2nd to the 9th of December and the best part about this Masterclass is that you’ll get to work with a local photojournalist/ correspondent who will help you to gain access to the different local stories you might want to tell!
There is no way I could have done my story without the help of my correspondent, Bijay who is a photojournalist with The Republica.
I learnt so much from all the participants and from the master himself, Edwin Koo.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to experience Visual Storytelling in Kathmandu to participate; or if you simply need a reason to get your butt off your chair and head to Kathmandu, here is your reason!
8 days in Kathmandu with its amazing culture; heritage; stories and photography. Why Not?
Early bird discount ends on the 16th of July!

In the meantime, enjoy the essay I did last year and I hope to see you in Kathmandu!

Love Will Find A Way

Just a decade ago in Kathmandu, you simply learn to love the person you marry, instead of marrying the person you love.
Child and arranged marriages were common and people were appalled by the idea of free love.

Not anymore.

Still, it is a huge taboo to live together as lovers without the institution of marriage. Bijay, a tattoo artist, first met his wife 5 years ago. He moved in with her, and they had a child without being legally married to her. They are now happily married.
In my search for lovers in Kathmandu, I was fortunate to meet couples who opened their lives up to me.

It led me to think that perhaps, one day, I might find the love of my life in the most unconventional way, in one of the most conservative societies in the world.

IMG_7455 Love will find a way, Kathmandu, Jamie Chan Kathmandu Inside Out Workshop IMG_7578 Love Will Find a Way, Jamie Chan, No Foreign Lands, Kathmandu, Nepal IMG_7626 Love Will Find a way, Kathmandu, Jamie Chan, Bijay IMG_7662 IMG_7671 IMG_7682 IMG_7693

Click here to find out more about the Kathmandu Inside Out Masterclass or to Sign Up For it!

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