Jogja -Taman Sari

IMG_3082500  meters south of the Kraton ( A museum of Javanese culture and where the king of Jogja lives) lies the Taman Sari or the Water Castle.

The Taman Sari was built for the Sultan’s wives by a Portuguese architect. They would bathe in the fountain and enjoy the beauty of the water while the Sultan would sometimes watch from one of his private room.

From intricately craved stones to the colors of the light yellow walls, I was once again amazed by how beautiful the architecture of the place is.
I climbed up to the Sultan’s private room to look down at the pool. The window area was full of graffiti but you can still get a feel of how the Sultan used to watch his wives bathing and playing around in the water.





Graffiti around the window


The Fountain


Walking down the hallways

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