>Its a happy day

>Reviewed my thaipusam shots today and they were not too bad considering the fact that it was my first time in such an event! I was squirming when I looked at my images and I really can’t believed that I actually took those shots>.> It was seriously a case of blocking out my fear to shoot.
I posted the nicer ones on Deviant art today and my page view for today hit 46!!! New record 8D Compared to my average page view of about 4 plus per day and my record page view of 25…
Even my dad said that a few of the shots were not too bad so I must be moving in the right direction! Just that, I could have gone closer and practice manual focusing so that I do not depend on my camera which can be rather unreliable when I need it the most. I will be dumping lots of pictures here and on Deviant art over the next few days as I have lots of shots I cannot bear to delete so it will all be posted up(: The shots here will mostly be out of focus/ blur/ camera shake/ not very eye catching ones but I just liked either the mood/ energy or the way I composed them(: Coupled with the fact that my brain was not working, I think the shots are passable for now.I will get better!
Work today was so fabulous as 8 people walked into the shop… BUT, I still managed to make a sale of 135SGD(: Yayness

The milk they carry!
Piercing>.< I have a shot of them piercing the tongue and I when I zoom in on the tongue to get a closer look, I almost died>.> Maybe I shall post that one up as well 8D
I quite like this one! Could have gone closer.
 They are singing some prayer song I guess.
The offerings. This is like my only colored shot *.*
The fire! They had to touch it…
Think chaos. Could have gone lower! Then again I think M was below me so he should have a really awesome shot of this!
Wide angle is my new found love<3
Alrights. I will most likely be using two of the image for the SYPA competition so I have 4 more to go! YAYNESS<333
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Angela: When you see them screaming up close, it is a different story>.<
FanofAlice: Thanks!


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