After the hanging of our works! From Left: Syazwan, Allen, myself, Aidan

Its been a pretty busy week for me. With back to back shoots and editing stacked up to no tomorrow, I finally took some time off for an unofficial partial doll meet my first meet in some 6 months! and met up with Tsu and D.

The thing about having doll meets is that we normally meet in the afternoon, in some coffee-house or bright and airy space where there are gorgeous light streaking in from all corners to light our resin beauty. So the partial doll meet we had yesterday night was probably the first of its kind…

Flo: Where are we again???

Soom AI: No clue but I’m sleepy and it’s too noisy T_T

The ‘underaged’ kids with a Corona(:

Only at Mulligans(: The probably first partial doll meet to be held in a pub!

We had fantastic rock music, great drinks and really caught up with each other after 6 months! We should really hold such meets more often start rocking out with our resins! Somehow, I picture Juliet turning into a punk princess…

Jai was incredible as usual and Tsu and D really enjoyed themselves so I am happy.
Next plan would be to scale it up! 10 owners, 50 dolls. Baby steps 8D

Not my favorite panel but ah wells.

Besides the fabulous doll meet I had, I finally saw my works for the Junior Shooting Home photography workshop in print!
I am such a giant advocate for prints because I just cannot bear to see my works trapped and stored inside tiny pixels that never see the sunlight. Looking at your works in print, it just draws out a feeling that the computer can never give you.

Organized mess.

When I told G that I was tearing my hair out trying to decide on how my works will look up on the wall, she told me something along the lines of:

It’s just hanging up 5 photos. How hard can it be?

Well apparently for these three guys, a yellow level, steel ruler and close to 40 minutes!

Mine was hung up pretty quickly after I decided on the flow of the images which took me a really long time and clumps of my hair.

Thanks Syazwan for the image<3

My works are at the back of the exhibition area, behind the wall. Not my favorite spot but due to my love to write long-winded stories, I am the only one with 2 pages for my artist statement and bio!

So you will know where my works are by spotting the very odd 2 page artist statement and bio(:

For those who are wondering, I am having a group exhibition from this Sunday on. It will run till the 31st of July so drop by the National Library’s 8th floor if you are in the area!

Anyways, I’ll be updating this blog with images for the band and the exhibition itself soon!
Three exhibitions to attend, one party and one shoot. I love my weekends.

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