A New Era for Resorts World Genting

IMG_0889Last weekend, I was invited to Genting Highlands, Malaysia with a bunch of other bloggers and brought along Janice as my travel buddy.

Genting is known for its lovely – mostly cold and misty weather, theme park for the kids and the young at heart, and casino for the adults.
It has certainly changed since the last time I was there some 5 years ago.
There are now new accommodations in First World Hotel (Tower 2 Annex), new restaurants and a Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park is in the works for 2016.

Functional, Chic Rooms

The new rooms in the First World Hotel are practical and rather cosy.
I love that there are USB chargers and travel adapters built into the wall which saved us the trouble of bringing different adapters for our various electronic devices.
First World Hotel is also slated to be among the largest hotel in the world with 7,351 rooms in total once all the renovations are completed.

Unfortunately, there is no wi-fi in the rooms so you would have to talk to your travel buddies at night.

Now that the theme park is closed for renovations, you could check out the indoor theme park or go Behind The Scenes for a very different Genting experience.

Genting International Showroom

For the first leg of the tour, we visited the Genting International Showroom where technical experts showed us what it was like to control the sound and stage lights of a show. Needless to say, we had a little fun mucking around on stage.
The talk certainly sparked an interest in lighting design for me given that you have so many lighting effects to play with on stage (and so many buttons to press).

Snow World

Next up, we were brought to a 6 degree Snow World and despite the jackets and gloves, we were freezing. Yes, we did the mandatory short bursts of ‘Let it Go’.
We had a tour of how ‘fresh snow’ is made daily to keep the ‘snow’ in Snow World while the romantic freezing cold Lover’s Cave allowed you to make and bring back your very own coloured snow in a bottle during the snow making workshop.

See Eat Do Workshop

In the See Eat Do Workshop, you get to watch the chefs create their version of bento and donuts, eat them and finally, create your own bentos and artistic donuts with different toppings and fillings.
The chefs are also on standby, just in case you manage to set anything on fire or murder your bento/ donut.

Horizon 50

The last stop of the Behind the Scenes Tour would be a walkabout on of the latest edition at Resort World Genting, Horizon 50.
It showcases the history as well as the future for the highlands via various projections; the most interesting being the 20th Century Fox World theme park project.
After the tour, all participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a goodie bag.

Resort Seafood Restaurant 

Given that the weather is almost always cool and misty at Genting, it is the perfect weather for steamboat dining!
There are many set menu sauces for you to choose from with prices running from RM108 to RM638 (two to eight persons, member/non-member prices vart), and à la carte dining (Priced by item).

Also, do not miss out the Ice Cream Steamboat! Which is basically a huge pot of ice cream topped with lots of different fruits. Perfect to fill your second stomach with.

Superstars of Magic 4

To end our night, we were treated to a magic show which brings together magicians from the East and West!
With seven different illusionist, hosted by the one of the top 10 finalist of America’s Got Talent, Jay Mattioli, we had a night full of fun and entertainment.
One of my favourite act with be from Joseph Gabriel because I still have no idea where he managed to hide those birds while Ted Kim gave a spectacular performance, combining the best of technology and showmanship.

For further information on the programs or to book your stay, do visit their website at

Thank you RW Genting for hosting us, we hope to be back for the opening of the 20th Century Fox World Theme Park next year!

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Thank you Resorts World Genting!

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