Domino’s at your fingertips

Enjoy and remember to download the iPhone app<3

They say there is an APP for almost anything under the sun, so why not an APP for ordering pizza?
What makes it even sweeter is that Domino’s Pizza guarantees:

  • 30 minute delivery
  • 15 minute take out
  • product satisfaction
  • nett pricing (no GST or delivery charge)

On top of that, you will get a free side dish after each order via the APP. First time customers who order via the app will also get a free chocolate lava cake redeemable on the next purchase and each 50th lucky customer will get a free regular pizza on their next order.

So visit their website to download the APP today!


Pizza party, a panoramic view of Singapore together with the company of both old and new friends.
That was how I spent my thursday evening as I was invited to the launch of Dominos Pizza new iPhone APP.

The event began with lots of pizza. For someone who had never tried Dominos Pizza even though there is a branch really near my place I really liked it! I am drooling thinking about the crust and cheese! And oh my lord. Those garlic onion rings<333

Linda and her assistant

Linda, the marketing manager then walked us through how to use the APP which is pretty idiot proof.
She proceeded to order a pizza via the APP and it only took her about a minute to place the order!

Photo by Cookie!
Too busy eating to shoot:P

While waiting for the pizza to arrive, we were treated to a ride on the Singapore Flyer!

Photo by Cookie!

Beautiful Singapore<3

When we got back, the pizza guy was waiting for us with the pizza! Which means Dominos kept their promise to deliver their pizza within 30 minutes as it takes about 30 minutes to complete one round in the flyer!


In short, I had a blast and really enjoyed the food!  iPig
Thank you Dominos!

Group shot of all the bloggers!

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