>Happy Sprit Day!

> I am a day late but better late than never in doing up a post for spirit day. To the purple lovers, rejoice as this entire post will be in purple 8D my favorite color! I doubt Spirit day was a wide spread event in Singapore whereby […]

>Where the lost ones go.

> Its just about another week and a half before my school holiday ends and now that I finally have some time on hand to reflect, I really wonder what have I done so far during the holidays. Well for starters, I finally wrapped up my kindergarten shoot. […]

Life of a boatman

I had the rare opportunity to shoot the boatman while I was heading back from OBS in Ubin to civilization. I might continue with this story as it would be pretty interesting so this is just a rough run(: I will get more colored images up soon! Click […]

Musings of a dog.

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has developed a habit of sleeping only at the softest spot of the house. AKA, the ‘I refuse to sleep on the floor syndrome’ So for most of the day, he rolls around when depositing hair on the leather sofa in my house. […]


> ITS A SUNDAY!!!! Yessu people the week flew by yet again. I swear, this has to be the fastest ever year for me and we are already approaching a quarter of the year! I predict this post will be pretty cluttered filled with lots of self portraits […]

>Its a happy day

>Reviewed my thaipusam shots today and they were not too bad considering the fact that it was my first time in such an event! I was squirming when I looked at my images and I really can’t believed that I actually took those shots>.> It was seriously a […]


>30th of January is over!!!! I really made used of every hour of this day and it is a really memorable one for me! I will be posting the images I shot over the next week and on my deviant art so do look out for it! When […]