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>Attack of the strings

> I went down to a few guitar stores a few weeks back to take a look at some really pretty sounding guitars. My goal was to flush out a sound that I really liked as I knew nuts about guitar. In a way, selecting my cello was […]

>Confessions of a Queenie

> This is gonna be a ‘thought-full’ post whereby it will probably not make any sense to those who are not in Singapore right now. I just need to get it out of my heart and thank a few people for the slaps along the way. Feel free […]

>A closure

> I had not been really active on the cyber space again due to my insane schedule last week.Most of the events that happened deserves a post of their own due to the images that go along with it so here is a preview/ run down on my […]

Mardi Gras @ TGIF

  Blog post on this event: Full set of images: