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Its just about another week and a half before my school holiday ends and now that I finally have some time on hand to reflect, I really wonder what have I done so far during the holidays.

Well for starters, I finally wrapped up my kindergarten shoot. After a torturous three and a half weeks in which I missed my original targeted deadline by five days thanks to the high C /perfectionist in me, I am finally in the proofing stage! *throws fireworks*
I needed more time than I expected in the final run but it was worth it. The images looks great with the exception of the playgroup group photo.
Throwing up a few shots<333

Yu Bin

I mean. I can’t believe I actually did everything! From the shooting to the editing and now, the proofing and the printing as well! I am fabulous 8D

Oh and this set of images deserves some love as to why females are so much better than males.

Brother dear,
See that pretty lady in front?
Look at her and smile 8D

This three shots were shot consecutively and it is so cute that I can’t help smiling whenever I look at this set.

So I basically almost spent the entire holidays of mine doing retouching. From the Graduation shoot to the Kindergarten shoot, I had been working in front of the computer everyday. As for the last week of my holidays, I just picked up nine photo albums to work on so it should keep me busy again. T_T *Stabs self*
The good thing about these jobs would probably be that I do not have to worry about my floating Cambodia trip next year. Although it really does not make any difference to me as I found a sponsor:3 Then again, its good to work hard and stretch my retouching skills as when reality bites and all else fails, at least I can do commercial photography /studio retouching.

As for shooting kindergartens /kids, I shall leave it as a once a year affair as it is no joke maxing out your blood pressure and pulling your hair out everyday.

Shooting kids aside, I would be covering my favorite permanent head damage wackos medical seminar event this Friday. Excited? Hell no. Nervous? Maybe. Considering the fact that I would be facing my fears again. As summarized by P, ‘all you need to do for event photography is to make sure you smile at the beginning and keep that smile till the end.’

As for my documentary works, the shoot with the IFC is going pretty well but I know I can do better. With the IFC, my circle of friend’s average age probably increased>.< I went out with a few of them after practice to Holland Village and it was really fun as I could be talking to an American anesthetist and right next to me would be a 60 year old talking about collecting her pension when she hardly even looked 40. Its a really interesting choir and the best part of it all would be the different cultures that come together just for the love of music.
I got to get used to calling the music director by his first name as well 8D Been calling him Mr Tay for my entire life.

I am also really fortunate to be chosen for a documentary workshop by Noise Singapore which is sort of like a platform for budding artist. Only twenty out of the many applicants were chosen so yessu I was over the moon when I received their call this morning. M will be running a reportage /documentary workshop under Noise Singapore as well and I would cry if the two workshop clashes or if I am unable to get into M’s workshop as there are limited spaces.
Either ways, these workshop are a good break from all the commercial stuff I had been doing recently.

Before I forget, I finally got my Black Rock Shooter Nendo!
So its box opening time!

She is my first lump of PVC and I am really blown away by the insane amount of details GoodSmile company gave to her! She poses beautifully despite her miniature size and she is simply beautiful!
However, a miniature size figurine /nendoroid comes with miniature parts and it is just mind blowing attaching /changing her 5mm fist for her to hold up her cannon.
I do not exactly have the spare time to play or shoot her so she is in her box for now>.< It really makes me question myself as to why I got her in the first place if she was destined to spend her life in her box…

Ah wells. Thats life. You move on.

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JKT: Just admit it! You are not THAT innocent! hahaha<333

Van: Hey thanks for the heads up and for the birthday present!

Jac: What the hell are you doing there! Come over to this island when you are free!
Especially on 5th Nov! Its a public holiday so you can’t say no!

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