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>The girl looking into me.


This picture shall be a teaser for the styling that I will be doing for still life. The dress is awesome and so elaborate that I have no regrets whatsoever. In fact, I am considering selling away my Kira outfit as it is too plain. Ah wells. We shall see.
My next theme for still life would be based on the song ‘Still a Queen’ and I want to try out something new this time round so I will be venturing outdoors with Juliet>.<
I love the shoe! Its huge!
 Compare to Kira’s shoe 8D

What the hell am I doing>.> I have no idea.
I have been pretty depressed these few days due to certain reasons but I think I am doing a pretty good job smiling my way through each day. Its times like these when I really miss Naru a whole lot. I could just call him and rant to him for three hours straight and he would even give me chocolates T_T

I attended an exhibition/ talk given by some Japanese students who were on the road for almost 3 months shooting yesterday. They are covering about 10 countries in 6 months! It is really my dream to shoot like them! From Kathmandu to India to so many other countries, the experience they gained are so precious and interesting!
Well apparently their little journey cost them about 16K for transportation and lodging alone so yessu. Lets start saving T_T
I asked about their school fees and all and it is really really expensive! And it is only a diploma programme… Although one of my favorite photographer Sebastiano something is part of their honorary counselor thingy so he would actually come to their school and crit their works! Their school fees are less than 20K per year but it is still really expensive and their scholarship programme gives out a max of some 5K per year if you are the top 20 students… But their school really focuses on photography for the entire three years that they are there unlike TP… So that would be about 60K + 16K = 76K excluding food and expenses to study in their school for three years>.> Which will probably bring the amount to 100K. Thats just another 90K to go.  Yayness.

Anyways, my Japanese is horrendous>.> I really have to brush up on my Japanese. I screwed up my sentence structure and now I am screwing up my joining word. Yayness. So I had to depend a little on on my lecturer for translation whenever they speak beyond the ‘elementary’ Japanese. I should brush up on ALL of my languages>.> excluding Chinese

Ah wells. I promise to try and cheer up soon. Partially. I probably need wine
Leaving the TPB has its pros and cons and one of the thing I hate most is not being able to drink whenever I want to. But since I made my decision, I just have to move on.
An entire day of YOG workshop tomorrow. How exciting.

An updated version of my girl’s shoe collection. Things changed quite a bit as I sold off some stuff.
I don’t think the Volks Kira shoe would be sitting there for long as well as much as I love it.
Shoe count:
Juliet: 5 Pairs
Kiyomi: 3 Pairs
Chiriko: 6 pairs.

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