Teaser post!

I’ve been busy as usual. excuses So the story goes, I missed 2 blog post and I shall try make up for it this week.

Then again, I always make time for my shoots but it comes to processing them, it is an absolute nightmare.
I swear, having backlogs are like planting weeds in a gorgeous rose garden. They grow and grow and before you know it, you’ve just bred a roseed.
I wish I could show you the images I have in my head of how a rossed would look like but then again, I am so bad at illustrating, I shall keep the image to myself well untill someone actually invents a camera that allows you to take pictures of what goes on in your head. That would be quite cool. But rather freaky as you get to see the stuff that I imagine rather vividly such as ___ and the ___ … I better not(:

Anyways, I should probably call the Make A weed Wish foundation and ask if they would grant me a retoucher/ post-processer!

I mean I looked at the date of the file and go hang on, March???
Bloody hell, it’s already July coming August! You mean I shot that in March? Seriously, I thought that was done some last month ago?
Oh wait. That some last month ago happens to be March…

Well this is a huge gigantinormous teaser given that it has 17 images in it and I think I write too much for a teaser post so here they are(:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways, huge post to come(: With lots and lots of images and hopefully words that will not bore you(:


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