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I just want to point out a few kind of major changes that I made to the blog!
Chances are if you are reading this, you’ve more or less figured out the most major change in which I changed my blog’s URL and name! If you have not noticed, here is me telling you: I’ve changed my blog’s URL and name!
The new URL is and the new creative name I came up with is Jamie’s Blog!

I’ve finally updated the Dolls page and took the ‘Gears’ page down while I was at it. The ‘Gears’ page had been around the blog for some time now and I did some 14 drafts for that page but always hesitated publishing it because I can’t seem to find a way to word it without sounding like a walking talking billboard for Canon.
Then again, you have no idea how many questions I get about my gears! So maybe I’ll do a post on why I use certain gears and what works for me. Just maybe.

I started blogging in May 2007 and through these 5 years I’ve stuck with myperfectbutterfly as the URL and RAYEARTH as my blog name. Why I chose these names probably reflected the state of mind I was in back in the days.
In fact, this is my first blog with blogger!
I left Blogger for WordPress last year as I was sick of the spam and viruses but I do miss the customizability of Blogger :3

Anyways back in 2007, people started blogging and there was a whole BOOM in the blogging industry. There were demands for blog skins, HTML coders and I remembered many articles in which studies were made on why people blog and how blogging changed the way we share things in society blablabla.

Youths just want to be noticed and at that time, most of my friends kept a blog.
We blogged about our experiences, the miles stones in our life, how we do not like math, we visited Pulau Ubin, we saw a hornbill at Pulau Ubin, we planted trees in Pulau Ubin and basically just about anything.
Noru was the one who forced encouraged me to blog more often as I should make it a point to remember and celebrate the happy things in life instead of dwelling on unhappy memories.
So I started blogging. Post after post after post…

Then came the explosion of Social Media around 2009 such as Facebook/ Twitter/ Tumblr…
Before you know it, many people including a number of my friends abandoned their blog in light of these ‘micro blog sites’ where everything was short and fast.
People generally expect you to understand what you mean in that one sentence or ‘status’ and shower you with attention.

Someone might say: I am depressed 🙁
And immediately, there will be tons of: ‘awww cheer up,’ ‘what happened,’ ‘:(‘ comments on that status/ tweet.

But what on God’s great green earth are you depressed about?
You’re depressed because your cat caught fire? Depressed because you discovered that ‘The One’ is best enjoyed with six glasses of wine?
That said, take your grief offline and into your therapist’s office.

No one seem to bother/ have the time to read, write or even appreciate a proper post where we spend time fussing over the images, the text and the overall feel of a post. Or maybe its just that I am like an old woman and like to ramble on.

Sure, keeping a blog and coming up with interesting topics to blog about is tedious when your schedule is as colourful as mine. I am guilty of not blogging for long periods of time. Then again, I always find my way back to the blog as I am fabulously old-fashioned there is just something about a post that you spend your time on. Its like appreciating a good cup of tea. Or even having tea for that matter.

In any case, this is my 413th post and here’s to the next 413 post to come(:

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