ShiGGa★Shay @ Home Club

ShiGGa Shay is a local rapper, music producer, songwriter and entrepreneur.

I first heard/ sort of met him back in February 2011.
I was doing a you did not hear this fashion shoot around the Esplanade area when I heard someone rapping.
Intrigued while waiting for my models to get ready, I walked over to the Esplanade Outdoor theater and sat down.
The sight fascinated me -a well built guy dressed in black, fringe that almost covered his small eyes rapping on stage with his ‘wing-ed’ shoe. He was having a soundcheck for his performance later and was definitely Chinese but had an American accent.

It was an interesting sight and the sound never really left me.
I never found out his name/ what he did till recently when Tim, a photographer whom I met in the photopit during Baybeats told me that he was his cousin! Small world much.
So when Tim asked if I would like to cover his EP release party, “They Call Me ShiGGa” I jumped at the chance.
Although I really have to stop doing free work >.>


Crowd at Home Club



His shoe!

Some of his music:


I really love Moon Talk because as an artist, I can totally relate to what he feels about the music/ arts scene in Singapore where it is ‘illegal to dream.’


Collaborating with one of my favorite local musician, Inch Chua!

The acoustics at home club was my worst nightmare come true. The sound was over bearing when you moved near the stage and diffused when you moved away from it.
That coupled with a sudden influx of photographers that appeared out of nowhere, I was not feeling well and I tend to shut down around loud noises, I was actually this close to leaving even before his performance started…
But I was glad I stayed on as I really enjoyed his music and his stage presence made up for the horrible acoustics.

In any case, ShiGGa Shay is a rare talent in Singapore and you guys should check out his music!
He is the same age as me and it will be fun to see where our crafts take us both in 5 years time(:
after he grows his hair back tho XD

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