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ITS A SUNDAY!!!! Yessu people the week flew by yet again. I swear, this has to be the fastest ever year for me and we are already approaching a quarter of the year! I predict this post will be pretty cluttered filled with lots of self portraits pictures from all over the week. It has been a really busy week and I finally have time to sit down and blog about all the exciting stuff happening/ going to happen to me. Its gonna be long so just skip to the picture part if I get too boring or end up in my own world/ blogging for myself.
A picture speaks a thousand words anyways(:

Oh and I can’t seem to find the spelling checker so forgive my spelling mistakes>.<

Ultimate pannier 8D

Lets start off with my school work.
My Typography lecturer returned us our works on Friday.

I am really proud to say that I got an A+ for this poster!!! Like my first distinction! *plays celebratory music* This poster came from the days whereby I hated illustrator to the core so I was really really surprise at my results! Although the comments were like ‘please use a better spray mount,’ I am really happy! Those were the days whereby Cs and D+s are my best friends(: Hello As and Bs.

For this semester, I guess I did much better than my first. As I really pushed myself a lot especially for this year. In fact, I am really enjoying my course right now and I guess I improved from the days whereby I illustrated rabbits to an entire story book.

Yessu people. This is my storybook for my applied illustrations module and I am really proud of it. Of course I know my own limits and I shall not compare my book with the awesome stuff my classmates came up with  but the point is, it never crossed my mind that I will illustrate an entire book without photos! The last time I did a book was in my first semester -Visual presentations and at that time, I was so against illustrator that my book was made up of pure photographs. Yet this time round, I really pushed and used illustrator to come up with this book!
Crappy pictures ahead as I took it in a rush>.<

Yessu. I am proud(:

So I am currently having my really packed holidays and I have so many things that I would like to accomplish! I shall touch on that later and move on to what happened yesterday.

It was my cusion’s death sentence wedding yesterday and I went and shot a couple of shots for him. I finally used a 50mm prime!

Yessu it is the HASSELBLAD 50mm 8D *throws fireworks*

M once told me that he finds manual focusing a lot faster than auto focusing and I must agree with him! BUT the rangefinder and the DSLR is different in a way that manual focusing in the DSLR is really hard if you have an excellent eyesight such as my own. In fact, for my shots with the hasselblad lens, half of the time I was praying that my shots are in focus. And it was really hard to turn the focusing ring as compared to the leica>.< Coupled up with the fact that the hasselblad lens weights even more than my 24-70mm, I just died carrying the camera with a lens made of so many peices of glass around. Then again, the bokeh and details for this lens are SOOOO FRIGGING AWESOME!!! This lens just captures every single detail!!!! Too bad I don’t have a 35mm for the hassleblad lens but I can’t wait to try out the 85mm and the two other focal lengths that I have during the holidays! However, I think I did pretty well despite some out of focus shots(: Most of my shots are not bad and I think I captured the entire mood pretty well(:
I will post up some on my Deviant Art as well so you can look out for it(:

The groom<3
I miss singing in a choir 🙁
Love love this! But its not really in focus… *stabs self*
The groom with my Australian cusion! He is the most epic best man/ ring bearer ever!
Calvin: Don’t worry mum. I swear won’t play with the rings. I will just juggle them. 8D
Its black! Its white!
Took me so bloody long to get this in focus>.<
Here come the bride all dress in white!
And they lived happily ever after. Probably(:
The musicians from the reception. I swear the saxaphone player had no sense of rhythm… I felt like taking the shaker away from him and help him to get the beats right>.>
After the lovely chruch wedding in the morning, it was the traditional cheena dinner in the evening.
This dinner sort of slipped my mind and I could not find a single shred of article that I can wear for the dinner O.O Thank god, I managed to dig up my old infanta and hey I could squeeze into the dress! Lesson I learnt from this would be to lose weight and get a new dress>.> Thank god its a black dress>.<
Camwhore<333 After I got my S90, I just love to do that 8D
I think I look pretty good in off shoulder stuff with exceptions of my really flabby arms >.>
Thank the stars Simon was in Singapore! His styling is LOVE<333 I am quite dissappointed with Freddy’s makeup or maybe I am just bias as Jess did not do it for me>.<
For those who really knows me, you would know that I absolutely hate it when people touch my hair/ let alone to tie it up. Up to date, I only have three hair stylist and all of their names start with S! <3
Point is, when Simon first saw my hair, he was like I am gonna tie it up. And I was protesting and making a big fuss but in the end, I just let him do whatever he wanted>.>
 Tadah~~~ I love the back of my hair! But I did not take a shot of it… *stabs self* Think lots of curls and pretty sparkles for the back of my hair.
I had a really good chat with one of my uncles after not meeting him for like more than half a year. I shall leave my comments and reflections for Alice Diary but there was one thing he said that really struck me.
‘Dont lose your compassion’
🙁 Its true that I am pretty self centered at the moment but whatever happened to the me who was really kind? Alrights. Enough said. The rest is for the Alice diary.
The dinner was pretty good and surprisingly, the wine was good 8D In fact, I enjoyed the wine more than the dinner itself. All in all, it was pretty fun I guess.
I have loads of pictures so I shall upload them over the week<333
When I let my hair down<333
God I swear I love curls! Why am I broke T____T
So I am finally having my really lovely one month break right now<333 I have soooo many things that I want to do within this one month!
1) Watch a damm movie in a cinema. YESSU! I had been saying this since last year>.>
2) Play the dust collector cello
3) UBIN!!!!! Okay I am going there on the 1st of April so yayness<333
4) Re-organise my room.
5) Catch up with old friends especially those coming back to Singapore!
6) Go off-line shopping.
7) Mix media photography!!!!
8) Re-focus my life
9) Give Soka a try? Okay maybe sometime later.
10) Reflect more. I realised I have not been reflecting on my behaviour which is really bad. So yessu I shall probably spend another day in the soundproof room and the really peaceful temple.
11) LOSE WEIGHT!!! This means I have to start swimming/ jogging>.>
12) Vector out all my characters. can’t believe I am actually doing this
13) Clear the photo backlog which has been piling up>.<
14) Try shooting with film hasselblad 8D
15) Grab any concepts that are floating in my head and make them come true.
16) Open up/ Share more!
17) Pick up meditation/ self hypnotism again.
18) Do something about my hair maybe later once I have the budget.
19) Change my dressing style fufufufufu if I have the budget T___T
And before I can even start on any of the things I listed above, I have to TAKE AWESOME IMAGES for the SYAP comepetition and I want to shoot like everyday. YAYNESS.
Its been a really long post with many pictures and I still have so much that I want to say T__T But I shall end here with a mental note that the next time I step into my school, I will be a Year 2 Student! I survived my first year! YAYNESS *grabs wine bottle*
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Angela: haha I didn’t mean it that way! It is just that what you said did not strike me before! Yessu life is complicated but just keep looking forward and have fun(:
Chanel: Dont dissappear!!!! haha thanks dear! have fun<333
FanofAlice: Thank you<3 No he does not climb out<3

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