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>Oh Hazy Days.


Even the bird is flying away T_T

For those who read the news, yes. There had been a blanket of grey over Singapore for the past week driving my eyes nuts.

No haze(:
With the haze… Note the cranes.

I went out to Mulligans with S and after she left, I was joined by 3 seemingly Philippinos. That was well and dandy especially when I started a topic on the haze only to realized that they were some really big shots from Tourism Indonesia. *shoots self* Thank god they were nice and friendly. they probably hid a knife behind them. But yayness I have contacts for Medan and central Java.

I did my first product shoot yesterday and I was so amused by the fact that the product that I was shooting cost more than all of my gears put together. Mamiya included.
Imagine the look on my face when it almost fell of the table.

It was a good shoot as I picked up a few pointers here and there. When school starts, product and advertising photography would be my first module so I guess it would be pretty interesting:3 Although I was really disappointed with the fact that M will not be teaching the photo majors at all and that we have an unknown lecturer for fashion photography. Like why can’t the school just put fashion and narrative photography as the first two modules…

Ah wells. Its almost 6pm now and I would really like to do a topic on competition but I am getting lazy.
The Orphei Drängar choir whose concert I attended on Thursday was brilliant! I enjoyed myself so much and the fact that I was seated at one of the best seats (The middle of the middle) added to my enjoyment! Thanks M for the treat 8D 79 men from one of the best male choir in the world with my favorite German seated within view from my seat. How is it possible that I would be bored(:

Throwing up more pictures of the haze:


Back to editing! I will do a proper topic soon! Promise When I am free.

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JKT: haha the lantern festival images are like somewhere in my 40K odd images. I would probably be done with them next year soon at the rate I am going 8D 
 I collected stamps!!! And managed to pass kindergarten!

Jonny: Thanks! Yup bullying is really wrong but some people just enjoy the feeling of powering over others so much that it is just really sad to see that.

George: Geez. What’s wrong with reading psychology books at 12… And what the hell is the crying dinosaur? 

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