Of temples and waterguns

Its been a week since I left Singapore for the land of smiles(:
This trip is definitely healing me in a way that I don’t have a severe breakout of hives every night. My leg still hurts but its bearable for now…
The word ‘relax’ has not been in my dictionary for a very long time but I am surrounded with beauty and sleeping next to one of the most gorgeous guy on earth! Of course it takes the edge of things<3
I swear, the way Emmy sleeps makes me look like an elephant as he is so graceful when he turns and stretches! Don’t judge me! It’s a photographer’s thing to observe!!!

Anyways, Emmy and Bee took me to the Arunvararam temple just the other day and that place is so gorgeous against the blue sky with the exception of the stairs which ensured a certain death if you managed to roll down and that they close just as the light hits the golden hour…

The patterns you see are flower motifs made of porcelain plates mostly from China. and each one is individually smashed to form the shape!

Taking a break from temples, I visited the flower market in which you can probably find every single kind of flower you can name there!
It’s a really busy place as there were import, export and packing of flowers going on left right and center! Apparently, there was supposed to be a really fragrant smell duh its the flower market but I could not smell a single thing as it is still the flu season for me T_T Then again, it is not an excuse for me to slack off in my craft as I  felt that I was not pushing myself enough >.> So I will probably revisit the market to reshoot it!

Am being random here but this image is too funny not to show!
Taken in the train station, I now know that the Thai trains run BAILY 8DDD
They probably wanted to say that the trains run on bailey or something<333

One of the best part about being in Thailand is the DRINKS 8DDD
Oh my lord, I’ve been drinking like a fish and not once was my wallet guilty! It’s probably about 2 bucks a pint?
I managed to meet up with Poh as well and had a mini ASEAN gathering! He is the photojournalist delegate for Thailand and I had so much fun during the camp shooting with him! I can’t wait to meet up with the archeologist, the head of delegate for Thailand the Laos photojournalist and the Vietnam delegates<333

With Poh and Emmy<333

Since it is the Thai New Year, or Songkran festival here, Emmy has been dancing everyday at different temples!
I am not complaining as I love watching him dance! I also managed to catch the Khon dance and I wish I had access to shoot backstage as the dance was so gorgeous!!!! Many thanks to the dancers who gave me a free ticket which is worth around 40SGD<333

The khon dance! With lovely english subtitles at the top! The movements and costumes are too beautiful<3333

Emmy and his dance partner!

Doing the traditional Laos dance<3

He breaks into a dance every now and then<333

The Thai New Year or the Songkran festival in Thailand is absolutely nuts!
Think, thanking random strangers for splashing mostly COLD water and smearing/ slapping/ pouring powdered stuff on your face!!! They do that while you are on the streets, in a taxi, when you are standing around and basically doing nothing in particular. SPLASH! There goes the pants I just washed T_T

I’ll do a full recap on Songkran for my next post but it is hands down, the craziest festival I’ve covered so far.
I literally got wet the moment I stepped out of the apartment… And kids are allowed to hold giant water guns to make sure you are soaking wet the moment they see you. Oh and the fire brigade uses their fire trucks and huge water hoses to blast water at everyone…
That lovely people, is how the Thais celebrate their New Year.
Happy Songkran<3

Attack of the Thais!

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