Now what?

img 6094 Now what? Jamie Chan

Half asleep face

I reached the land of smiles, Thailand safe and sound on Monday. Despite the initial blur-ness due to my lack of sleep and flu, I absolutely love this country!
I started shooting the moment I arrived and got lost for a bit in the airport…
I managed to find my friend Emmy and he took me to his school and I got to witness his awesome prowess in makeup!

He introduced me to a roomful of his friends and went:

‘Here in my school, there are many many gay.
This one gay, that one real boy, real boy, gay, gay, gay, lady boy, lady boy, gay, gay, real boy, gay, gay, gay, lady boy, gay, lady boy, gay, GAY, GAY, SUPER GAY.’

h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s  yaoiland<333

img 6139 Now what? Jamie Chan

Thai dancers preparing for a performance

img 6125 Now what? Jamie Chan

img 6147 Now what? Jamie Chan

Every single one of these guys does better makeup than I do…
Failure as a woman T_T

img 6113 Now what? Jamie Chan

Shy pose~

The traditional Thai Dance is so beautiful and I am living with one of the best dancers in Thailand!

img 6173 1 Now what? Jamie Chan


I met Emmy during the ASEAN Cultural Youth Camp and was blown away when he danced as it is so beautiful! The first time I watched him danced, I stood like a moron with mouth open, camera in my hand and did not shoot a single frame as I was mesmerized by how graceful he looked. I look for beauty when I shoot and if I had beauty personified, it would be him. helps that he breaks into a dance every now and then<3333

img 6385 Now what? Jamie Chan

So gorgeous<333

img 6212 Now what? Jamie Chan

Emmy and Bee!

I feel that the Thais are really interesting when it comes to expressing their feelings. They are not afraid to show that they really like someone and expresses their feeling through their actions. The Thais I met so far are mostly rather shy but they have a really good heart and take really good care of me<333
I really enjoy playing spot the gay/lady boy with them 8D
What I find rather amazing is that a guy can walk into a shop and purchase false eyelashes without anyone giving them ‘the look’
I also have to get used to the fact that not every woman who walks into the female toilet are… well, a woman… and I now question every single beautiful women on the streets if they are a women or a lady boy… I swear, I can’t tell the difference as they are all so beautiful!

As I am basking in beauty, I got a glimpse of another expression -love. The one thing I am trying to escape from as unrequited love in the face of death kills the soul T_T
I always remind myself, love your craft and if you are to love another human being, make sure he loves you more than you love him. But when the cupid arrow hits while I face death, every single rule that I live by gets thrown out of the window… How pathetic am I?

Emmy is in love at the moment and it is just hilarious to watch his expression change when he receives a message from the guy he likes.

img 6168 Now what? Jamie Chan

Sending a kiss over(:

img 6177 Now what? Jamie Chan

Emmy and Bee
How gorgeous are their hands???

I’ll try to blog more about my life here in Thailand!
Its freaking 4.33am here so I’ll end off with a picture of my gorgeous Thai friends<3

img 6243 Now what? Jamie Chan

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