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Hi there!

It’s been awhile since my last post. I had an unofficial hiatus for almost more than a month so I’m sorry for those who were waiting for something exciting or happy to happen in my life. There were definitely fleeting happy moments but I still can’t get that Hello Kitty’s expression to resemble anything close to even a small smile.

There are so many things that I just want to rant out but those probably belongs in the Alice Diary.

Life has been insane and it is about to get insane-nerer if there is such a word.

Either ways welcome to my new and WordPress-ed blog. Yessu. I’ve finally made the full switch to WordPress. I hate the fact that you can’t adjust the width for this theme blowing my images out of proportion in order to match the text and I will definitely miss the customizable themes for blogger but I certainly will not miss the viruses, pop-ups and horribly spammed chat box(:

Oh and did you notice the gorgeous URL 8D

My school holidays have started! Well actually you minus the holiday part because it is no holiday for me.
A bulk of my time goes to my part time work at the School of Photography. Big big love to that place.

As the name suggests, it is a Photography School that has courses ranging from Basic photography to specialist courses like Documentary photography. We even have a really interesting course called ‘Pro Secrets’ this is THE course to go if you always wonder how to get brilliant shots with your compact camera/ i-phone/ i-pod. Well in fact, I attended the course before(: In fact, I kind of won it as a long long time ago when I took part in a point and shoot photography contest, came in second and bob’s your uncle finally used this phrase in a sentence! yessu!, welcome to the School of Photography(:

My exhibition Print! (Ignore the watermark>.>)

I pretty much spend the time sweeping up the unsweepable black dots on the floor and archiving their 2300ish emails. Yes its 2300ish. Imagine my horror when I opened their mailbox to find all the un-archive emails…
Oh and we have a resident lizard there as well! At the rate this is going, my boss is probably going to name it and make it the school’s pet/ mascot or something while I stand at the far end of the room with a speed dial to pest control and some toxic fumes on the other hand should it get any nearer to me.

Other than that, have I mentioned that one of the best goreng pisang stall in Singapore is of walking distance to the school and it is about two stops away from Clarke Quay? happyonly.jpec

How often do you get to use this as a wallpaper? Only at SOP 8D

So besides trying my best not to burn down the school, I had been picking up a number of commercial shoots in the midst of my never ending personal shoots at hand.

For starters, I was selected to attend a photography workshop -Junior Shooting Home which really woke me up to how tough documentary work can be.
For this workshop, I chose to document an animal shelter at Pasir Ris –Mutts and Mittens. I died, got pulled back to life and died again.

I don’t exactly know how to describe how I am feeling when I was shooting but I guess as I look back at my images, I was really really distracted/ not focus/ whacked out. What the hell am I doing? No clue.

To sidetrack a little , animal welfare in Singapore is really bad. For a first world country we certainly have a third world animal welfare system.

It is a world where people are earning ‘quick cash’ while dogs/ cats/ animals in general are abused and suffer in silence for their entire life in miniature cages smaller than the table I used to use in school. There are many sick stories about it and one of the worse cases would be breeding dogs. Born to be bred, these dogs get pregnant every six months for the rest of their lives. How sick is that? All they do is murk around in a miniature cage, sleep, eat rice, get pregnant, give birth and let the cycle repeat itself once they are in heat. Or wait a moment I guess they don’t actually spend the rest of their lives in a cage. They get to see some sun and cars once they are old/ riddled with illness/ dying in which they get released onto the streets to wait for a car to end their lives or get eaten alive by the street dogs.
Its a huge problem. Then again, it is a really tough problem to tackle as there is hardly any awareness at all. Walk down the street and ask anyone where is the best place to get a dog, they would probably name you a pet shop near their house instead of asking you to adopt a dog.
Heck, even I was not aware of the cruelty these animals go through. To learn more about this, go to: Zeus Communications

So instead of wallowing around and being sad and depress about it, I am going to do something about it.

Back to my point, baby steps. I start by documenting Mutts and Mittens.Its a start. A really rocky start. I have no clue as to what I am doing. Being shy is the worst excuse I can come up with because every time I finish the shoot, I feel like hiding back in my shell, go to a corner of my room, play sad music and start talking to my dog or something. I really really have to push past this and suck it up.

Photographically speaking, I guess I am at the point whereby I have reached another stage/ level of my craft and I am just looking forward to to break through. Well according to my lecturer, you have to be broken before you can break through. So I am probably in the process of being broken?

Here comes the scary part. Being broken means that I will either retreat further in my shell and never pick up my camera again or have a sponsored solo exhibition and end up at VII photo agency or somewhere along those lines. I swear, I am so so deathly afraid.

He also mentioned a pretty important point. It goes something along the lines of:

As much as it is not what you know but who you know, you still have to grow; both as a photographer and as a person.

I am really fortunate as I am given many many opportunities to meet up with photographers and that I have pretty good contacts but am I actually growing or am I just networking? Then the ‘you are arrogant’ part starts floating in but I shall skip that as I don’t completely agree with it(:

Point is, surprise surprise I see where he is coming from and I do question. Am I actually growing or am I just networking?
As pointed out my my lecturer again, there are three types of people in this world:
-the ones who makes it happen
-the ones who wait for things to happen
-the ones who wonder what happened
I swear my if my lecturers leave their teaching jobs, they can become motivational speakers.
Keep it real sweetie, keep it real…

In any case,  I swear I will try my best to blog more often. Okay, thats a lie. Hopefully I will even reach a post a week:3

Or I’ll just throw up some random images that have absolutely nothing to do with the post like this:

and this:

Final critiques for the JSH workshop this Thursday. Its do or die time. And if I die, at least I am happy on Wednesday as I am being paid to shoot one of my favorite bands at MARINA BAY SAND’S SKY PARK 8D How awesome is that? *Does happy please don’t freaking rain on that day dance*

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