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Considering how badly I screwed fashion photography, I was approached by one of my seniors to help with her fashion shoots. Possible sleepless nights aside, I said yes.

Despite the fact that I did not really enjoy fashion, I feel that I can definitely do a lot better than what I did for my module if I had someone to settle the creative side for me. Now that the creative side is right at my door, how could I refuse? 
I mean this is the first time I can actually concentrate on lighting something up! I am excited and at the same time, I really hope that she can look beyond my images and let me shoot for her. Then again, I probably just want to prove that I can set up a perfect seamless white. 
Fashion aside, talks are still going on but I will probably be shooting my first wedding sooner than I thought! Alone T_T 
It is supposedly an easy shoot whereby its almost impossible to screw up as there are hardly any expectations at all. My favorite kind of shoots(:
I am probably rambling a lot more than usual today as I kind of had a 39ish degree fever for more than 6 hours straight so I am still a little whacked out now. To top that off, I had my first nosebleed in an eternity. Oh last but not least, I probably busted an air sac in my lungs as I am coughing out blood so yessu. Loss of blood plus the fact that my neurons were roasted equals to a very airy headed me.
On the down side, I have absolutely no idea what is happening in school nor have I started on any work that is supposed to be done. work? what work?
Instead, I just finished partially cataloging my images for 2011. Which was pretty awesome as I gave up on cataloging my images for 2010.
All hail expression media!
I stayed in Singapore for this year’s Lunar New Year and it was not as bad as I imagined besides the pesky questions asked. I caught up with a few of my cousins and it was pretty neat to see how our paths diverged ever since we compared heights when we were young.
The again, perhaps the reason why I survived the New Year was that I got my first Daily Deviation on Deviant Art to keep me happy. Link to Deviant Art.
A Daily Deviation (DD) is like a daily feature on Deviant Art. Think hundreds of thousands of images but only some 30ish gets chosen each day.
I joined Deviant Art for about a year now and every once in a while, I check out the DD given and go ‘how I wish that was my image.’ There are so many great images out there on DA and I really got a shocked when I opened my DA account to find some 600+ messages.  What really blew me away was the fact that this obscure image which I had even forgotten that I posted up, got a DD!
The Chingay shoot was one of those shoots I really wanted to forget because I got into so much trouble. Thus I hardly posted anything related to the Chingay and almost fainted when I realized I got a DD for it.
Suggester says, “I really like how the photographer has managed to capture motion here, as it makes it more surreal with the expression of the face there.”
Chingay parade 2 by *myalice

[Photojournalism / People]
(Suggested by `3wyl and Featured by ^Timothy-Sim)

Honestly speaking, I shot this at 1/50th of a sec not because I wanted the motion rubbish but because it was the ‘correct’ exposure for my Tamaron 17-35mm F4 lens in ISO 3200. Yessu. This almost a year ago whereby I was using a 17-35mm F4. The lens which made me love the 35mm focal length despite the distortions. I edited this using Picasa on a JPEC file so my post processing was downright minimum to contrast and saturation. Or should I say, what post process?
So here is an edited version by Capture One 6,
and the cropped one although I kind of like it without the crop,
I had quite a number of people who commented on the color of my image and I was like O.o eh? What color? Oh you mean the color I had when I worked on a non calibrated monitor >.<
Then again, I reached out to almost 6000+ people in a day. Now that is really cool! As compared to the time where Mozart lived, he would be laughing if some 5000 people attended his concert in a day! Which is why social media is really really awesome!
I really did not expect an image from the Journalism category to get a DD! Considering it only makes up a minute amount of my works in Deviant Art. I really expected one of my Still Life image to get a DD before anything else.
Anyways, the bar is raised and getting a DD for this image is kind of like a pat on my back saying that my photography is still recognized despite the atrocious results I am churning out from my school’s projects.
I mean I felt so alive during Thaipusam that it was so ridiculous as compared to how I felt during the rest of my studio shoots and school works.
Just the other day, there was a guest speaker who came to speak to my course. He told us designers that ultimately this is the wrong course to be if you want to do fine arts. And I really could not help repeating the words, wrong course. My life would be so much different if I did Sonic Arts in RP. Then again, I guess the best reasoning against this would be that I found my passion in TP so I should stop whining and asking what if.
Its a pretty good foundation course and I have another one and a half year to go. I can do it!!!!
Its a belated birthday wish but my good friend and mentor just celebrated his birthday on the 4th of Feb! So Happy Birthday Mathias<3
Daily DD page<333 
A feature on some inspirational website thing<333
Who can forget the LFI gallery where I have some 13 images up(:
Alrights, I am starting to feel the narcotics kick in. Gonna end this post and go into a coma soon…
Features, happyonly.jpec and ding-dongs aside, the best place to be on a Friday night still goes to…..
Jai was awesome as usual. I loved my outfit that night but I do not see myself wearing it all the time>.>
Lesson learnt from Mulligans besides the lime in the Corona bottle thingy, never ever sing songs by Aerosmith and Michael Jackson. outofmymind.jpec/ siaoliao.jpec
hairloss.jpec T_T
Tag replies:
JKT: Like of course! But my bay window has kind of disappeared already…
Chanel: You can pick some images from facebook or something and don’t forget to make me slimmer and prettier! haha<333
Kino: Haha don’t worry the mess returned just that it is still organized(:

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