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Ice cream day

I am a huge fan of ice creams. Which kind of explains why I am sinking singapore.
Every time I feel like I am ready to order my coffin online, I grab an ice cream and feel a little better. So it was ice cream day yesterday. these days it’s like ice cream day everyday.

Well I kind of unconsciously went to my fridge to dig out one because of this link.

I got that link from a mate who emailed me while I was at work. The title of the email went:

You go girl! 10 of Singapore’s best young photographers *smiley face*

When I first saw the title, I was pretty interested. 10 of singapore’s best young photographers.
Who might that be?

As the page was loading, I was thinking along the lines of Zhang Jing Na when I saw that the content of it was on the Junior Shooing Home workshop I attended a couple of months back!
I started to scroll the page like a mad woman until I hit page two. Underneath the title 10 of singapore’s best young photographers was my work, my work’s title, my partial bio, my partial story explanation and my name.

Who me? 10 best young photographer what? Really??? Seriously on CNN’s website???

Spelling and some mistakes aside, to be on a website such as CNN Go kind of inflates your head a little until it kicks in that you don’t really deserve to be there. That some other Jamie should have made it to the list and not me. My images for the set was not strong and I know it.

It was a miracle that I had a group exhibition with those five images. So in a way, it was pretty embarrassing for me to look at the title and see my work there. These days, I have not been shooting as much as I would like to.
I miss struggling with my vision, wrestling with my craft and chanting my ancient incantations in order to nail my auto focus. Yes there is no auto focus for the 5D when it comes to low light situations.

Anyways after all that rant, one thing is for sure. And that is, I am gonna work my butt off to make sure that I feel proud to be on the list.
I am gonna make time to shoot and even if I have to shoot flowers everyday. I will make sure that they are the best damn picture I’ve ever taken of a flower.

Working on it!

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