>Happy Sprit Day!


I am a day late but better late than never in doing up a post for spirit day.
To the purple lovers, rejoice as this entire post will be in purple 8D my favorite color!

I doubt Spirit day was a wide spread event in Singapore whereby everyone wore purple but I am sure that it was rather popular in the states given that some of you sent me purple emails>.>

Well for those who are wondering, spirit day is a day to ‘honor’ the six gay boys who recently ended their lives due to bullying and homophobic abuse. However instead of ‘honoring’ them with a status that suicide changes the world, I would much rather use the word remember.

My view on LGBT is one of acceptance. I accept them for who they are and I believe that you are not gay or lesbian by choice. I mean there is no form to fill up to let you decide your orientation. Things just happen and when it does, the worst thing that could happen would be that someone starts a hate campaign and forces /brainwashes you to be straight again. Discrimination and hate campaigns against LGBT are really hurtful. Although this country has its fair share of debates which were subsequently swept under the carpet, I could image how a LGBT would feel living in such a tradition state.

LGBT is largely a taboo in a typical Singapore family and so far my own mother’s view on it would be that it is wrong and that I should not bring a girlfriend home to shorten her life. 

LGBT aside, I could ramble on about my views on them but lets touch on hate crimes for now.

I shall start with the question of ‘how does hate crimes come about?’
Its a stupid answer but hatred generates hate crimes.
But where does all that hatred really come from?

I guess it is the fear of the unknown and the fear of difference in people. As humans, we fear everything that is unknown from the skin color to religions. How many times have I heard the caution of ‘be careful of those black people.’ Are all foreign workers really going to rape every woman they see? Why was the caution not ‘Be careful of the white people?’ 

Are whites superior to the black? I do not think so. 

Society is changing. Our views on racism and on LGBT are not as bad as the time whereby they will be burnt alive but it is not enough. The fact that bullying has evolved and is now ‘online’ is a very scary context and cyber bullying spreads even faster than your traditional bully in the playground.

In the end, all of us should have zero tolerance to bullying and hate crimes. Perhaps that is the only way to end it all.

Phew. I am glad that was done. 
Its a pretty messy post and most of the comments I made are pretty much on the surface level but I thought I should get the ball rolling on hate crimes since it had been one of the topics I had in my to-do list. These kind of crimes are kind of unheard of in Singapore with the exception of cyber bullying. So I would love to hear the views of you guys especially those of you with kids.
there is no need to profess your orientation on my tag board thank you very much.

Back to my album design!

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JKT: The books were colorful??? HAHA! Excuses!

April: haha yea those were the days.

George: I read books and collected stamps as well! Don’t judge me!!!


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