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>Happy national day!!!


Kiyomi and Chiriko<333
The color is pretty out of whack but I shall fix it once I find the time!

Well first of all, its been almost a week since I blogged about anything and I must say I am pretty excited about this post! This is the kind of post whereby I have a million things to say and so many pictures to throw that it is just so exciting!
So many things happened during the past week. Some good, some bad, some horrendous, some with a murderous intent but I managed to end this week on a good note(: In fact I am really excited!!! But you would have to bear with my initial ramblings before I move on to my little bundle of resin. okay I just gave it away 8D

Fly the flag and live your dreams!
Lion dance 8D

Well lets start off by wishing Singapore Happy Birthday(: you guys know how much I love this country. Kovan Melody had a little carnival cum meet the MP session today and I took a few shots. I will probably upload it onto my photoblog. yes I have a dead photoblog once I find the time>.<

I had been pretty busy last week due to all kinds of projects being thrown into my face and that other problem which is hopefully resolved:3 I went out on a shoot on Thursday and I have some pretty not-my-style images. I don’t really know how to describe them but its pretty fascinating to see what I can come up with with the 35mm. I mean I was using the 100mm for like my entire life before I discovered the wonders of a 35mm(: I had been pretty influenced by David duChemin and his ‘vision’ after the grueling workshop in which I attended at some ungodly hour for the entire weekend.
In fact, I found a new love for vignetting! I had been overusing it a little so I guess its time to tone down>.< Then again, he just solved part of my editing problems as when I give myself a time limit and work on an image based on aesthetics, it makes editing so much easier and the images prettier! I am still up for a ‘make it pretty’ button in photoshop!
There is another interesting workshop this weekend but I thought I shall skip that as I still value my face.

Come Saturday, together with Kiyomi and Chiriko I went to one of my first official doll meet this year. It was held at Heaven’s Loft and it was great! I met so many wonderful rich people and their beautiful dolls! Well I guess it was a partial Volks doll meet as almost 80% of the dolls that went are Volks>.<
Then again, it was pretty interesting meeting people who were in this hobby for more than 6 years! I am into my 3rd year I guess. As I got Juliet around August so yayness, happy 3rd year 8D

PnK84’s Volks Chika

I will upload the full set onto my photoblog to make it more alive>.< soon.
I had a lot of fun during that meet as I met the other Jamie Chan as well(: It seems that Jamies have a kanck of winning the TDA photo competition as for the 2008 competition, the 2nd and 1st place winners went to Jamie and Jamie! So if you imagine if all three of us participate this year, it would be something like:

3rd place winner: Jamie
2nd place winner: Jamie
1st place winner: Jamie

You just got to love the ‘Jamie’ name:3

Allemarthe’s Luna.
My picture does not do justice to her at all as she is BEAUTIFUL!
She has this serene look on her face that goes:
Everything is gonna be alright. I just cost some 3000USD but thats alright because the world is always beautiful.
T_T Luna is officially my dream doll.

While I met some of the ‘old timers’ in the hobby, they never fail to motivate and inspire me to earn 10K a month so that I can have some 29 dolls and counting!
It was pretty random as I made a passing remark during dinner that I was considering a Volks yosd Chika to replace Chiriko’s sculpt when one of them just went like: ‘oh. I can sell you my Chika at RETAIL PRICE and I can WAIVE the GST charges for you.’ I love her so much
I was so screwed as Chika cost some 600USD in the market right now. The funds were partially meant for my 50mm 1.4 but I guess the price of the resale value just killed me. And before I could register what happened, I was on my way City Hall today to bring little Heidi home.
That has to be like the fastest doll sale I had as everything happened in less than 24 hours!
Like I just met her on Saturday night for dinner and the next thing that struck me was that I was having a doll box opening on Sunday O.o Fast much.

-Heidi Box Opening-

The bag she gave me 8D
Kiyomi: New clothes from Louis Vuitton for me?
Chiri: …
KYAAAA <33333
Chiri: Chika? Is she edible?
Me: nah. Her name is Heidi dearie try to get along(:
Chiri: …
Die cut!
Her papers!!!
Default wig:3
I should sell this off>.<
Bubble wrap!!!
Chiri: Bubble wrap monster…
There she is!!!
Hihi Heidi<333
Heidi: Would you take these off please!
Chiri: You are naked…
Heidi: Are you always this depressed:3 Smile!!!
Heidi all dressed up:3
Kiyo: Oh dear another girl. What would Juliet say.
Chiri: Wind me up.
I can finally do this pose 8D
All three of them<333
A different wig 8D

To start of, if anyone of you wondered where is my money eating blond air headed queenie went to, lets just say that she is currently in pieces. Literately.

Just another day in my life(:

I had a hard time giving a name to Chika. I had so many names in mind! At peak, 34 names were written down. I pushed them down to the last few names of:

Mathilda -From the book Mathilda whereby that child had telekinetic powers
Emillita- I got crazy over the ‘Rosellita/ Emillita’ thing thanks to the song Chiquittita
Rosette- It was between Rosellia and Rosette
Odette- Some princess somewhere
Amelia- It just sounds nice:3
Heidi- A German name meaning ‘The noble one’
Elen- From Phantom
Allegra- I always loved this Italian name! But kind of hard to pronounce for people who cannot roll their tongues>.>
Winoa- win win<333
Illyia- I like how this name sounds:3

I was pretty close to ‘Pandora’ as well when I thought of ‘Spendora.’
Lets break it down.
Which is why I gave up on it.

I spent a whole lot of time digging out her eyes removing the hot glue which held her acrylic eyes in place. As I am not a acrylic person, that pair of eyes have to go! The Chika sculpt’s ears are set really far back and she kind of reminded me of a monkey when I first saw her.
So Heidi probably has to wear a head dress/ hat/ ear muffs or just something to cover her ears all the time. I am pretty happy that she suits the outfit I won from the photo competition! Chiriko does not look as good as she does as Chiri is too skinny so I guess the both of them will be snatching sharing clothes from now on:3 Heidi is also a little bigger than Chiriko and I love her resin color! Its so peachy!
She is single jointed which is pretty frustrating when it comes to posing her as all three of my girls are double jointed>.> So I guess I have to get used to that as well.

Overall, its been a partially great week with a new addition to my crew. I accumulated about 4 photoshoots to edit which is just about another 300+ images 8D

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