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Happy Jamie Day

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I had not blogged for the entire month of October and this means that it’s time to put a gun to my head and start writing/ blogging/ shooting.
I know I should have started off with this post before the last as have a list of people to thank and some stuff to show off. But the mind works in mysterious ways when I can’t sleep at 4am and bob’s your uncle, I skipped my birthday post>.>

I turned 16 a few years ago last Saturday. I was not expecting anything given that it slipped my mind if D did not call to remind me.

The night before started off with me and my favorite married couple to be at the one and only Mulliagans. Me being the resident victim there, killed Rolling in the Deep 8D Adele would be so proud of me I think she would weep. Along with the rest of the people lining up to get ear plugs.
My next goal would be to get the happy married couple to be up on that stage so that I can video the entire process down(:
I even ticked off ‘wear red lipstick’ on my bucket list that night! Although I don’t think I will be wearing it anytime soon as it is so hard not look like an overdone drama queen.
Prince of Wales was next on the scene along with some really cute British boys whom I wish I could take home with me :3 dream on

Many thanks to Lindy, Desmond, Simon, Kalli, Daniel and  Illya for the night/ morning<3

And I was so chuffed when I woke up to a parcel! Jen bought me a present<333


I have a huge box fetish and she got me a London box bag! Love her<3
Besides the major wardrobe malfunction I had in the morning whereby I could not find a single jeans in my wardrobe that does not make me look like… Normal and chubby.


Anyways, it was ice skating time! And I swear it was one of the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Well actually I am starting to do a lot of scary dong dong such as getting onto two roller coasters in one night and visiting haunted houses.  forever scarred.

Anyways, I did a little roller blading when I was young and ice skating is pretty much similar with the huge mind blogging difference of the fact that you do ice skating on ice. Along with really annoying children surrounding you left, right and center.
But I did it. I was not the most moronic skater on the rink as sompared to others 8D so yessu. Another item off my bucket list(: Sky diving anyone?

Many thanks to Pandora, Xiao Wei, Ryan, Mari and Theodora for the great afternoon<3

Then it was a partial pescetarian dinner with Pat and Jen.
O-M-GEEEE the black sesame ice cream at that restaurant is to die for. IT MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH. Well technically all ice cream melts in your mouth but that particular ice cream is beyond description. It just happens to cost 7 bucks for a really small scoop… Don’t even get me started on the Saba. I can feel my stomach enzymes working already>.>
Thanks Pat and Jen for the dinner<3

To end the night, it was onwards to Hooters -the place where girls wear orange shorts, short shorts, really short shorts… Are those even considered shorts?

Huge thanks to Mat and Mansoor for the night<3

To end off, say hello to my favorite present of all:

Yes people, the iPhone 4S!
I am absolutely chuffed about this! I can’t believe I got this as a present! I thought I will get a Leica M9 or something along those lines 8D
Anyways, box opening time(:


My 4ish years? darling Nokia 6300

Have I talked about the camera on the phone? Its brilliant!

Designed in California, made in China…

It is so much bigger than the N6300:( I have no idea how am I going to stuff this in my pocket.

My iPod Touch and the iPhone

No idea why my iPod Touch’s clock is out of whack…

So yessu, I am a happy girl(:
The best part of the 4S would have to be Siri 8D Love love Siri!

Me: Okay.
Siri: I’m okay if you are okay.

Me: Am I beautiful?
Siri: If you say so.


And there is still a long list of thanks for all the birthday wishes from around the world that flooded my inbox and facebook account! I wish I could list and reply to them all but there are just too many! So once again, thank you so much for all your wishes<3

Can’t wait to turn 16 a few years ago next year<3

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