Hà Nội

Mini ASEAN Camp renunion!

I just got back from a madcap week of traveling and I have so many stories to tell.
I’ll start with the most recent one of Hanoi(:

I was there for a short holiday and met up with the Philippines and Vietnamese delegates from the ASEAN Youth Cultural Camp.
For once, I did not travel alone; I went with Haizard, the dancer that represented Singapore.

I love how a 7 day camp really bonded us all and that I am never alone when I travel in the ASEAN region; tea time with a friend in the 10 ASEAN countries is just a text or Facebook message away.

Hanoi is one of my favorite place to visit as I am absolutely in love with their ‘do what you want culture’
For one, traffic lights there are just a guideline. You can cross the road any way you like as long as you do not get knocked down by a vehicle.

I had the opportunity to enter the Hanoi Opera House thanks to a friend of mine to catch some marionette show and good lord is that place stunning!

Hanoi Opera House!

Some random images I made in Hanoi:

Sleeping child

Lighting the candles

Dancing with the marionettes

Construction going on just across our hotel

View from the 72nd floor<3

My trip to Hanoi was really special this time round as I learnt something valuable.

I always preach how I don’t take drugs; refuse to smoke; do not sleep around, will not ‘cross the line’ to friends who told me the wonders of everything my morals screamed don’t be an idiot.
Drinking is my only vice and I intend to keep it that way.

Curiosity did not kill but changed me. Hopefully for the better as according to my moral compass, I screwed up big time.

I needed to get it out of my chest so I told a few victims people about what I did.
As much as I would like to hear it; no one yelled at me and called me an idiot.

My partner somehow didn’t sound surprised, rationalized it for me and told me to focus. Others told me to celebrate what I did; poured more tequila and shots down my throat probably in an attempt to get me to shut up but the alcohol did not change anything. As they shared their stories with me, I realized what I did opened my eyes to what my mates were trying to prove. That I am human; no one is perfect and I have to accept the fact that everyone do stupid things once in a while.

In the end, the best advise I got was to treat it as a learning experience. I can either spiral down into a black hole or use it to make myself stronger.

It was wrong but I do not regret what I did nor do I blame anyone. It may not seem like a big deal but I am full of guilt over the matter. For now, I hope that those who care would call to talk it out because I am so much more than that and I am honestly freaking out. Sleeping without nightmares would be a bonus as well.

What happened in Hanoi stays in Hanoi? I don’t think it works that way.
Sorry for the ramble guys; I am terrible at expressing myself.
Bottom line, I’ll be fine as I probably grew up a little again(:

My favorite coffee and sunflower seeds<3

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