Category: Ramblings

>A rush of the wind.

> Here I am on a Saturday afternoon with Bob Dylan on my playlist reflecting like an old woman when I should really be starting on either my freelance stuff or school work. My partial topic for today shall be about changes. Just like the wind that comes […]

>A date with Eric Clapton

> 14th of February 2011 marks the best Valentines Day I had ever. Eric Clapton’s concert was simply amazing! I mean he is some 66 years old this year but he probably have a much better stamina than I have.Besides the occasional mention of his band member’s name […]

>For the love of filth.

> So as mentioned in my last post, I am a Chinese.Being a Chinese, we dread do something called spring cleaning every year. Literately, cleaning your house in spring. Or in this case, my room.Actually normal Chinese spread this cleaning day over a few weeks while I prefer […]

>On Cliches

> Taken when I went back to PL with Carolyn<3 Before I start my post on cliches and drown everyone with a few images, let me randomly allow my mind to wonder how many of you guys reading this actually own an I-phone?The thing about not having an I-phone […]

>An update 8D

> S90. Don’t you love a compact which can shoot at ISO 1600? Its been a while again>.< I had been busy watching House. House is currently my newest obsession/ productivity killer favorite drama which is worse off than me watching anime as each episode is around 40 minutes. Times […]

Musings of a dog.

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has developed a habit of sleeping only at the softest spot of the house. AKA, the ‘I refuse to sleep on the floor syndrome’ So for most of the day, he rolls around when depositing hair on the leather sofa in my house. […]

>Hello passing days

> Pixel collage work:3 I am really proud of this of all the four assignments I did but my lecturer does not like it one bit T_T I had a pretty epic Friday. as usual Anyways, the dinner was good:3 Salmon as the main course with wine is […]

>The girl looking into me.

> This picture shall be a teaser for the styling that I will be doing for still life. The dress is awesome and so elaborate that I have no regrets whatsoever. In fact, I am considering selling away my Kira outfit as it is too plain. Ah wells. […]