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Reflections for STGCC

I am not very big for shooting at Cosplay events but when Lawliet is gonna do a female character and requested that I come along, I know I can never refuse. In a cosplay event, you need to act fast. In order to get that one shot that […]

World Photography Day

Happy World Photography Day everyone(: Well technically this post was supposed to be up yesterday as World Photography Day falls on the 19th of August… Happy Belated World Photography Day everyone(: This is my image for today/ yesterday. I was out getting lunch/ dinner/ partial breakfast when it […]

Describe your mp3/ Ipod

Before I start on this post as requested by one of my mates, I just realized I had not done a box opening post for my newest watch! I’ve wanted a watch by Appetime ever since I laid eyes on one of their collection as all of their watches […]

Of wine and good company

9th August. I swear there were no wine involved! At least, not for today(: Well technically it’s already the 10th of August since its 2.31am. But anyways, its Singapore’s 46th birthday! Happy belated birthday my dear country! The thing that is special about National day is not exactly the […]

Keeping it real

It’s been awhile since my last post. I had an unofficial hiatus for almost more than a month so I’m sorry for those who were waiting for something exciting or happy to happen in my life. There were definitely fleeting happy moments but I still can’t get that […]

>Attack of the strings

> I went down to a few guitar stores a few weeks back to take a look at some really pretty sounding guitars. My goal was to flush out a sound that I really liked as I knew nuts about guitar. In a way, selecting my cello was […]

>Confessions of a Queenie

> This is gonna be a ‘thought-full’ post whereby it will probably not make any sense to those who are not in Singapore right now. I just need to get it out of my heart and thank a few people for the slaps along the way. Feel free […]

>Singing in the rain. Shower

> A couple of months back, I received an email from TKK. Besides the bulk of her email which consist of her usual glamourous life with her thousands of lovers, she added that she spent a ridiculously huge amount of money I shall not disclose the amount but it’s […]