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The Big Move

Look, Vector by Jamie Chan

If you look at the top of the URL, No Foreign Lands finally has its own domain (
YES, I’ve finally moved to a self hosted blog. *victory trumpet noise*
The transition was rather seamless, I didn’t kill anyone but possibly caused serious damage to my keyboard as I code in frustration.

my code works, my code does not work, no idea why


My portfolio site ( however, was a different story.
I completely re-designed and uprooted my hosting from Livebooks to Squarespace.
It took me 3 days to CSS the shit out of my website but I now have a working, fully functional HTML5 website.

Why the switch?

I’ve been a loyal Livebooks customer since I went with their edu-site back in 2011.

In 2011, Livebooks was one of the best, if not the best then and I was one of the first amongst my classmates to have a working website featuring my portfolio. Sure, it costs me an arm and a leg if I wanted to change anything but Livebook’s flash websites were beautiful and customer service, excellent.
Yet as time went by, flash websites no longer ranks as highly on Google and it no longer works on the Apple platform.
I remembered how awful my site looked on mobile before 2014 when Livebooks introduced Mobile Websites 2.0 which in my opinion looks like it was done by a design student (I would know, I was one).

Year after year, Livebooks would send greeting cards telling us that yes, we understand that Flash websites are outdated but trust us, a HTML5 platform is coming, hold on tight!
So I waited. Through email and website outages where clients called me to tell me that my site is down, I waited.

Almost 3 years later, I got an email sent to me that they will no longer be providing email hosting services.
Please switch to your own email host. Fine.
Never mind that my questions got brushed aside as I tried to figure out my MX records from the CNAME to the -insert geeky tech jargon here- of a domain whatttt?
I was even told to read the ’email migration page’ at least twice (asking artists to migrate their email host? Why not Livebooks? After all, we have nothing better to do than to read your email migration page.)
Yet, HTML5 is coming.

On the morning of 24th of March 2016, I received an email saying that Livebooks8 is ready for me!
YES! After the years of putting my faith in Livebooks, almost 3-4 years of waiting, today is the day I finally get to switch my website to HTML5 but guess what?
The templates they came up with looks like it was done by an intern. They possibly hired that same design student as their intern, I don’t know.

Why didn’t I designed my own site sooner and relied on templates?
Because I would rather take the time to travel and work on my craft than stare at the screen for days re-designing everything. But enough is enough and I decided to tighten the apron and do what needs to be done.

Jamie Chan New website built with Squarespace

Today, my new site is live. It took me 3 days to do what Livebooks could not do in 3 years.

I will miss my old site but I guess if the old does not go, the new will not come.
Comments for my new site, discussions on why you love your Livebooks site are always welcomed.

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