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Belated Merry Christmas post

Not exactly the most memorable Christmas I had with the exception of my little sister sending me a song she recorded(:
I am still recovering from fatigue as the medicine I am taking for my hiv infected lookalike body bed bugs bite is throwing me into the deep abyss of lala land. T.T

In any case as with every year-end, I got myself a Christmas gift. ok the christmas part is just an excuse

Canon 35mm F1.4 box opening.


Canon delighting you always(:

CD to ‘inspire’ me to buy more Canon lenses >.>

Ok so its not a brand new and shiny lens but still it comes with a box!

Lens pouch!

Re-wrapped in plastic:3

Hello sweetie(:


B+W filter!

Cleaning the lens!

So gorgeous<3


Together with the 135mm we shall rule the world<3

1.7k courtesy of my classmate who decided to sell it to switch system to a Leica! jealous much

So looks like I will not be getting an iPad this year:(
Anyways, I am really chuffed with the lens as it will make my life so much easier when I am shooting in low light conditions as my 35mm F2 is breaking apart… Literately.

Another lovely gift would be that someone from the UK gave me a Premium membership on Deviant Art!
I am not really active on Deviant Art so this came as a really lovely surprise for me.

This is the 2nd time someone gave me a premium membership and on both occasions I do not know the person… o.o
In any case, thank you for the lovely gift<3

So much work to do during this festive season that I am drowning in it but I know things will get better!
Happy holidays everyone(:

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