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>And she smiled again(:


Its not one of the most memorable day today as I did not really accomplished much and stuff happened leaving me really drained as usual. I had no energy to get out and shoot so I did up my sales thread and shot the sales photos. I currently have about 600-700SGD worth of items on sale<3 please be buying my stuff thank you very much Lets hope I can sell them all and get some money back.

April few by and it is the 1st of May already. I enjoyed April! Although it was full of stress and viruses, I managed to iron out a few problems this month! Only to have more solutions to look for for the next… But it was a really fun month and although I was feeling really really terrible in the afternoon, everything looked brighter in the evening when one of my friend whom I had not kept in contact with for about 4 months chatted with me! Some people will make your day. But he just made my entire month 8D

He was really cute as I told him that if I got the 50mm F1.2, I do not have to eat for the rest of the year and he went like ‘ pls don’t do that. u must eat. photogaphy is physical sport too. u must fit to shoot.’

I really miss those days shooting with him and was really glad I got a chance to chat with him as he made me smile for the entire hour he was online! It was pretty random chatting with him as for starters, I had no idea you could chat via google’s gmail… So I got a shock when I saw his name when I spotted the gmail window flashing! All in all, he helped me end my month on a really positive note that perhaps men are not that evil after all I should not bother with all my problems as there are much more to life than thinking about problems. As quoted, ‘Don’t look at the problem. Look at the solution.’ Take it easy! Yessu *sparkles*

A while back, I posted an image on how many shoes my girls own. Here is the updated one 8D

Chiriko has 7 pairs. 2 of which are for sale.
Juliet has 5 pairs. 2 of which are for sale and one incoming pair.
Kiyomi has 3 pairs. 3 bloody expensive pair of shoes….

In total, I have 5 pairs of Volks shoes and counting.
Estimated value of total shoes: 400USD.
Estimated value of shoes on sale: 150SGD. please be buying my stuff thank you very much

Juliet’s Volks SD16 Kira shoes are the latests to the collection:3

Its a pretty pair so I must show off 8D
I could probably get about 250USD if I sell the outfit, shoe and wig together but I love the shoe and wig so much I can’t bear to let them go!!!! So I can probably push for about 80USD for the outfit… Big difference T_T
Ah wells. Its life. Take it easy and move on. Who knows. I might be flying to Melbourne as my next travel destination:3 Chase my dreams! Yessu<333

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