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>An update 8D


S90. Don’t you love a compact which can shoot at ISO 1600?

Its been a while again>.< I had been busy watching House. House is currently my newest obsession/ productivity killer favorite drama which is worse off than me watching anime as each episode is around 40 minutes. Times the fact that I have 6 seasons to clear with about 24 episodes each season and I am at season 3 episode 3. Yayness.
So I am a little slow on updates and my RER (reply email rates) has been off the charts with dozens sitting in my mail box. I am fine.
Just miserably fine.

So I attended T’s divorce party last Friday and beata maria were there gallons of wine. I bumped into my old psychologist there and she told me I looked depressed, was hiding something bla bla bla but my point being, she wanted to prove it! Prove that I was depressed and need like depression meds? Yea right. In any case to shut her up, I did her test.

She started by showing me a picture of a pretty much famous cat. And since I do not like taking pictures off from the web, here is my shot of the cat.

As a bonus, I threw in two cats.
For those of you who have been living under a rock or at least those who really don’t know who or what the above two white cats are, they are known as Hello Kitty and My Daniel.
Through this exercise, I know revisited the theory behind the projection of feelings on a blank face. I probably dialed up the number on her ‘Freak out now’ meter as I told her the cats always looked miserable, depressed and lonely to me. But seriously. For those who know my history, who is really gonna believe if I told you the cats are laughing. That would be scarier than the cats being miserable no?

Anyways, 2010 came to an end and we are already into our 2nd week of 2011.
So I know a whole bunch of my friends who did the quick recap thing so here is my own ‘quick’ recap.

Lets start with the favorites and the best.

Best shoot of the year:
Without a doubt, Thaipusam in January.

Best place to drink:
I would say this is a tie between Bob’s place and Mulligans because Bob stocks the best wine ever and Mulligans have one of the best live musician in Singapore ever.

Best wine:
Don’t even get me started.

Best item bought:
This should be a tie between my 35mm (May) and my I-pod touch (December).

Weirdest situation I was in:
Standing on top of a church’s roof. (April)

Favorite place to shoot at:
I think Chinatown kind of win hands down every year but I really took it to the next level in 2010.

Best show:
House. Nodame and this HK drama whose name I shall not attempt to recall deserves some credit as well.

Favorite album:
Okay this one is tough.
Its between Clapton by Eric Clapton and The Union by Elton John and Leon Russell.
Anyone surprised that Vanessa Mae or any other names from the classical genre didn’t come up? Well, people change.

Favorite workflow tool:
Capture one 6/ Bamboo Fun.

Best photography education website:

Best freebie:
The Leica passport holder! Because its Leica(: Great argument!

Best ‘geek’ thing I discovered:
Torrent and RAR.
I know Naru has nagged at me for years on this area but face it. I am just a moron when it comes to the new and shiny.

Best impulse buy:

And now heading on to the worst.

Worst month of the Year:
January. When the Haiti earthquake happened.
Worst song of the year:
The YOG crap cheer song.
Worst job I picked up:
Hmm I would say its the cafe but I guess the one with the screaming kids in the room takes the cake.
Worst module:
God! Can I pick everything that is not photo related?
Worst nightmare:
Starts with a D ends with a K don’t make me fill in the blanks.
Worst injury I got:
So 2010 is gone in a flash and I think that my photography has improved!
Well given that I just deleted some 20 images from DeviantArt with the base thought that those images were crap bugged me in my mind.
2010 has been hectic but fun. I have a list of people to thank for helping me get past yet another year but it would be quite pointless to blog about it if only initials are going appear as I will probably have like 5 different Ms and 4 different As.
But anyways, a late happy new year everyone and take care(:

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