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Hello sweeties(:

Before I start on the last huge ramble of the year, I’d like to welcome all my new blog readers that just started reading my blog(: Hihi!
I had a huge spike in readership numbers after I posted A Night to Remember. 
I am really chuffed as I had not hit that number for a really long time since I migrated my blog to WordPress probably due to the fact that I had not been blogging as much.

So once again, welcome to Rayearth. This is my blog, the place where I write about really serious issues such as my dog is taking up too much space on my chairs.

Instead of checking back everyday to see if I’ve posted anything, there is a lovely ‘Sign me up’ button on the right in which you will receive an email notification once I post something!

Ah the wonders of technology.
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I love a good debate(:

For my old readers, welcome back! I will do my best to make this blog alive, exciting and fill it with images! Oh the drama.
If you noticed, I’ve re-worked a few things such as the fact that I have categories now! I’ve always wanted categories!

Ok, partial categories since I’ve only managed to categorize all the post in 2011.
I doubt I will be categorizing the rest of the posts before 2011 as it would take way too long and I would rather focus on current issues such as my dog is not only taking up too much space on my chairs, he brought his pink teddy bear up on the chair with him. I’ll go sit on the floor now…

Before I start on my post proper, a couple of my readers have asked, ‘what is the Alice Diary’

I’ll do a post on this soon but in the meantime, here is the shorter version.

The Alice Diary. *Cues dramatic music*

Traditionally burnt once the entire book is used, it is a very special book filled with depressing childhood and teenage rage.
In short, when things get too personal, I take it to pen and paper.

Alright that was a really long welcome, on with the real post!

2011 will be over in a couple of hour and the biggest question I ask myself every year before the clock strikes 12 would be: ‘What on god’s great green earth have I done for the past 364 days?’

January: Oh I love Januaries(:
I have major shoots every year and I love starting it off with Thaipusam. Its colorful, beautiful and basically everything I could ask for in a shoot.
It was also when my images of athletes from the Youth Olympic Games are immortalized on walls at the Youth Olympic park. Or at least it should be there for the next 50 years(:

February: My first Daily Deviation on DeviantArt under the photojournalism category! I was over the moon<3
Eric Clapton’s concert with Ben!
Clapton is god. Amen.
To end it, one of my image got into the Noise Festival showcase(:

March: Integrated project… How I hated that project. Barely passed that module…
I remember going shopping immediately after my presentation. Retail therapy 101!
Got my MacBook Pro during this month and this was the month I stopped shooting for free and started shooting for clients.
I won my 2nd competition and shot my first band. Band on the Run

April: I never liked April because this is the month where I get broody and sink into the deep depths of depressions.
Though I have no idea why it always happens in April…

Deep depths of depression ~.~

May: Junior Shooting Home! The workshop that opened so many doors for me. I was absolutely chuffed when I got selected.

June: Shooting Mutts and Mittens. It was during this time that I got really involved in animal welfare and started using photography as a medium to help animal welfare organizations. It was also the month that I hit a wall in my photography.

July: Junior Shooting Home Exhibition. My first proper group exhibition with an opening, food, drinks and invitation cards! Beyond chuffed.

August: Happy 2nd year of photography!
Featured by CNN Go as one of the 10 best young photographers in Singapore
I still don’t think I deserve to be on that list which I why I am pushing myself so hard to make sure I deserve that feature.

September: Shot landscapes with my partner in crime Pandora I never liked shooting landscapes but I actually had fun during the shoot!
I am glad I tried something different and I like shooting landscapes now(:

October: The month I became a pescetarian. Earthlings changed my life and diet forever.

November: The month I fell in love, the best camp ever. I am ever so grateful that I was chosen for the camp and I enjoyed it tremendously.

December: Magaleng/ Jogja! Love love love that city! Forever in debt to the people who were so hospitable and my guides for giving me such a great experience.

And that’s that. 2011 is over. Well technically its over in a few more hours.
One interesting fact about this post is that each one of the images are taken with either my iPhone or iPod Touch! Although I don’t think my iPhone will replace my Canon S90 soon enough, it is great to have it with me where ever I go.

Then again, now that I bought the 35mm F1.4, I should really be using it to shoot for the exhibition in February but alas. Too-Much-Work T____T

I love the 35mm F1.4 so much that if I could, I would weld that lens onto my camera. Its a little heavier than I thought it would be but it is a real beauty to have.
If you are wondering, yes the Leica is always on my wish list(:

I will be out on the streets shooting pretty soon once I am done with the FYP images, proposals, insane amount of backlogs and all other nonsense that keeps me glued to my computer.
Adventure is out there and I need to get my butt off the chair and start shooting!

Lots of people think that being a photographer means that you sleep with your camera and take pictures all the time. But they over look the part where we have to market ourself, write proposals, reply emails, edit images and do things that keep us insanely busy. Yes I love my job but sometimes, I really need a fairy princess to give me a slave so that he can do all the other stuff that keeps me from shooting.

Okay enough of the serious geek ramble. Now is a good time to add something random like what I had for lunch on the last Friday of 2011!

And my brilliant little sister wrote a song<3
I am so proud that she is finally letting go. Maybe its my turn to try to let go now…

So, recap.
2011 was great. Brilliant in fact when it hit November.
But I know that 2012 will be fantastic(:
I am really excited because I have so much planned out! Sure, life might/ will get in the way of my plans but life is a story and I am going to make my life the greatest story ever told(:

So what on god’s great green earth have you done for 2011?

Last sunset of Friday 2011(:

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