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>A noisy opening(:


Image credit to the awesome Zinkie<3333

I went down to the NOISE opening yesterday which is kind of like a platform for artist to show our works. One of my work got featured from the Open Category Submission. The exhibition will run till the 7th of March so if you guys are in Singapore, do head down to Orchard ION’s basement level to see if you can spot my work(:

Its like a treasure hunt looking for my image as it was a pretty messy setup and my image kind of got swallowed up the the really distracting background>.>

Its not the best but its there and it is yet. In fact, I was pretty surprised that it was chosen. Although my works for the ‘documentary workshop’ I attended did not make it to print, I still managed to get one image into the open Category to print and man they made it bigger than the rest! *satisfied.jpec*
It was nice catching up with old friends and making new ones, so yessu. I am pretty proud that my work is up there.
Still, they could have included my website or email along with that image but for now, this is good enough(:

I did not exactly shoot for the event but I picked up some of my seniors works for a feature on this blog,

By Sok Eng of Happy Berry Photography:

By Pandora, VCS Year 3

After the opening, I went for dinner with M and shared with him about the earlier conversation I had with my classmates. That since I have not reached ‘that level of photography yet’ I need my design skills to help me ‘sell’ my image. I was pretty miffed about this conversation and hated that for that one second, I actually doubted myself and asked my famous ‘what if’ question. What if I never get there? What else can I fall back on? My cello? Making sandwiches? Singing? 
What else do I have that I can actually count on? 
Well he practically dissolved all my worries by reminding me that as long as your image is strong enough, no one can touch you. 
To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing in school right now. Avoiding consultations, being everywhere except the classroom, crapping my way through my ideas and trying to convince myself that I would sleep and wake up early in the morning to do work when all I did was stared at the celling till my alarm rang. 
What the hell am I doing?
Then again, I would be an idiot to quit school right now. Even if I would be a happy idiot, I just have one more year to pull through. So yessu. I can do it.
My image will be strong and I will get there!
Image by Zinkie<3
Tag replies:
Kino: haha I was super girly for the opening yesterday! Still can’t believed I walked out in a skirt and some floral looking shirt!
JKT: Woman. Please be organizing a meet soon or not the next time I can see you will probably be on graduation or something -.-
George: I could have sworn she broke up with him already o.o and Riko looks cute! Thats sll that matters(: 
See you in two hours time<3
Jul: <333

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