>You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?


Two post in a day? I deserve a medal! okay I did this post a long long time ago and just dug it up>.<
Y sent me this question quite some time ago probably a few months now and it was really interesting(: She got this from some website, did the post on her blog and challenged all the really busy people quite a few of us to answer it. Her magic tree grew food to help aid the food crisis and it was a really great read. I can’t seem to find the link to that post so just ask her if you are interested:3

Perhaps I should do something like a Q&A thing on my blog since I had so much fun doing up this post! once I clear my backlogs and shoots T_T

Anyways, You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?

For those if you who know, way back when I was 6ish?, I bought my first plant. Or ‘tree’ as they always coined it as a ‘money tree’.
It was planted in a little brown coconut pot and I hung it on my balcony since it was a creeper plant. (Correct me if I am wrong)

So there I was, fascinated by the fact that a ‘tree’ grows money! *cues happy and innocent music*
As the story goes, I showered my money tree with sugar spice and everything nice and almost killed it until my mum suggested water. Following her advise, I watered it and it finally stopped turning brown.
In fact, it started growing out green notes. I mean leafs. Well it grew and grew and soon it kind of resembled a woman with long green hair.
So as one of my quotes goes, my money tree is still not growing money.

Alrights so after this little introduction, I am sure some of you are banging your fist on the table going ‘answer the question dammit! What does your magic tree grows???’

Well we all know this image: The list of ‘wants’ is kind of never ending and always evolving. When will the ‘best’ be the best? I mean I am a proud owner of the latest, fastest, shiniest and prettiest Macbook Pro. 
Only time will tell when Apple comes up with Macbook Extreme next month. 
So my very first answer to that question would be that my magic tree shall grow money(: 
However, I decided to scrap that idea after recalling a quote that money can’t buy you happiness. sad.jpec

So, what can my tree grow to make Hello Kitty smile instead of looking sad, lonely and depressed?
In other words, what makes me happy?
I know that I would be over the moon and grinning like a cheshire cat if I had a Leica M9, Canon 5D MarkII, 35mm F1.4 and the list goes on and on, so how about my magic tree grow cameras and lenses? That sounds pretty nice (:
Then the question comes, what the hell am I going to do with all those gears….

Thus, if I really have a magic tree, it would grow a cure for cancer. Surprise, surprise(: 
Yes a cure for cancer because cancer has taken so many people around me. Beside I would be rich if I sold a cure for cancer and at that point of time, I could probably buy over Leica, Canon, Mamiya, Hasselblad and everything I can think of. So thats where the money part comes in(:
The money I earn could even buy me a small island! 
So yessu. for the good of all mankind My magic tree grows a cure for Cancer.

So tadah~ you guys just had a five minute preview into the random workings of my head(:
Let me know if this is too random even for me 8D

4 more shoots to finish up, 3 shoots and counting to look forward to and I really feel like eating rojak :3

Tag repiles:
Kino: Eh you have never seen a rainbow D8
Go out and look up at the sky more often!
JKT: haha I just answered your tree question! Nope it is still not growing money!
Besides, I have absolutely no idea where my money tree went…
It kind of disappeared after I shifted house ~.~

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