World Photography Day

Happy World Photography Day everyone(:
Well technically this post was supposed to be up yesterday as World Photography Day falls on the 19th of August…
Happy Belated World Photography Day everyone(:

This is my image for today/ yesterday.

I was out getting lunch/ dinner/ partial breakfast when it started pouring. Like waterfall pouring when just minutes ago, the sun was still trying to make our lives miserable!
So I got to stick around in the rain shelter for a little while and watch the world go by. In a line(:

I should make it World Photography Day everyday as it is kind of a great excuse to go out, make pictures and talk about why do we love photography.

I love photography. So so much.

Nothing beats it when it comes to that one moment where the story unfolds in an image, the interaction with strangers that let you into their lives and many many more.
So for those whose cameras are sitting in your dry boxes, get your butts off the chair and start shooting!

And please support ACRES in Saving the World’s Saddest Dolphins!
Blog post on those majestic creatures soon!

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