>The really colorful Mardi Gras(:


I had the crazy opportunity to shoot the Mardi Gras event for TGIF and it was awesome! I mean representing STOMP aside in which I probably only partially fulfilled the brief, I love love the shoot! 

I posted the rest on my photoblog.

Full set of images on the STOMP website here.

As you can see, it was a riot of colors! The lighting at Fridays made it really really hard to shoot anything without a flash! Well you could go without it if you are shooting at half a second on the 35mm but half a second exposures on the 24-70mm is insane. Or I am probably not up to that level yet>.>
Party shoots are kind of not my favorite things to shoot as I have to put on a really sparkly aura and go ‘hai there lets get a picture!’ And you would have to smile for the entire event>.> Or at least, you would have to act happy no matter how much IP is bugging you in your head.
The Mardi Gras shoot is probably one of my more challenging shoot in terms of balancing my ambient with flash as I was doing my ‘Hail Mary’ dance to make sure that my exposure was spot on when I show people their group picture. Surprisingly enough, everyone loved the images I took and everything looks accurate on the 550D’s gorgeous LCD screen. Then again, guess whose image was some 2 stops under when I pulled them in the computer…

Gear I used were the 5D, 550D, 24-70mm, 35mm, 135mm and the speedlite 580ex2.
Thank the god of kiasuism (afraid to die. Google kiasu) I brought the 550D along. Squeezed the hell out of my Lowepro and it was probably close to exploding. But no worries about exploding bags as I have the Vanguard which I have yet to try out:3

So there I was happily shooting away when the 5D’s battery died on me 2 hours into the shoot and I almost died along with it as I had 2 more hours to cover! Thank goodness I brought the 550D and the best part is that I had been using the 550D for previous shoots without ever charging the battery. So it was a bit of a risk I took to completely rely on the 550D>.<
I mean its not as if I could walk up to my client and go ‘oh hai! My batteries just died on me so I am going back early(: See you<3’
Even though I was shooting for the love of it child exploitation, I just could not see myself doing that>.<
I mean I had three batteries for the 5D with me and all three died just when I decided to leave the other 2 batteries at home. 

So my brief stated to submit about 200 images and I submitted 150ish… Its not that bad I guess considering the fact that I had such a hard time with the 550D in which I shot 3/4 of the entire set with.
I know that I can do so much better if the 5D did not die on me. 
The 5D’s noise control and color is so beautiful that I want to lock myself in a room and cry about it while the 550D’s noise control and color is something I really want to cry about… I mean every single image shot by the 550D looks so gorgeous on the LCD screen and once you get it up to the computer, it looks like rubbish.
Lesson learnt. Bring ALL 5 batteries for the 5D where ever you go.
Open your bloody aperture and compensate with your flash so that you do not get severely underexposed images which happened to look really gorgeous on the 550D’s LCD screen.

Anyways the people there are really friendly! Besides TKK’s assignments for me, I can’t really think of an assignment where I get so many free shots of tequila, cocktails, beers and food. Like real giant plate of food. Awesome much!

The best part of the entire shoot would be the contacts I made! I mean I am probably going to shoot a band sooner than I though! 
The thing I really took away from the shoot would be to design and print my bloody name card. People were asking me for it and I was like *.* I am in the midst of finding a designer to design it for me? 
Oh wait. I am attending a design school. 
The least I could do is to design name cards no?
Anyways, my submission for IP is so so screwed. I have no idea what I am doing and I am not doing anything either.

Rocking out with really gorgeous ladies at Mulligans tonight.
Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone(:

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Seres: *Hugs*

Kite: I am not going to school till submission. If you noticed, I did not even go to school for the whole of last week(:

Sara: Miss you!

Will: I know! Everything is so expensive send me a swedish/ scandinavian postcard soon!


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