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>Striking off the Pro


As you know, I am having a hell of a time running two operating systems on my iMac and NEC. 
Foe starters, it never fails to amuse me how long it takes my NEC to start up as compared to my iMac.

When it comes to programs, I am still really used to what the Windows platform have to offer. I mean I am still waiting for Sony to come up with a Mac version for Vegas! If they do that, I will probably be a true Apple supporter without feeling the guilt of having abandoned Windows.
Well a good point of my NEC is that… Its lighter than my iMac. It probably partially runs faster than my iMac.
Of course there is the sheer difference in the size of the screen between the two computers but that would be taking the comparison too far.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I had been knocking on doors for jobs and I am pretty happy to be getting a sustainable amount this month(: Thing is, with these new influx of images, my 1GB worth of ram on my iMac is dying. Literately. I had been force quitting Capture One and Photoshop more times than the past 3 months put together and with demanding clients who think photographers do not need to sleep, I had to do something. Especially with IP (one of the worst modules ever) running concurrently with my projects stacked up to no tomorrow. So I narrowed it down to 2 options.

1) (We all love this option) The Happy Idiot.
Quit school.
End of story.

2) The Sad Photographer
Do something about my workflow.
In short, make it faster, shinier and prettier.

So, we all know this image: poor photographer has to get her energy through osmosis but manages to stretch her budget. Or in this case, over stretch it to ridiculous means but I’ve done it again. 
During the IT fair (Singapore’s way of gathering the geeks, the rich and the ‘eh I think I queuing for free gift’ kind of people in one place to spend money) last weekend, I bought two things(:

The first would be the camera bag I NEEDED. I needed a bloody bag that was bigger than my Lowepro but smaller than my ThinkTank. Okay I hear them now. ‘you have a ThinkTank and you are not using it????’ Think is, I will use the ThinkTank eventually. If I have an assignment that requires me to bring my entire dry-box. So here is the newest addition to my list of gears(:

Hello Vanguard(:
Its really pretty(: Just that it is not red….

Next on the list.

MacBook Pro box opening.

Really heavy box>.>
Oh hai there<333
You guys are so so rich…
The apple sign
The chargers and things to attach to the chargers.
How cute. Everything Mac:3
You can see the little inspector monster making his rounds.
Everything in the box(:
Always love how reflective the screen is.
Almost forgot about the other apple member.
All things Apple.
Its 15 inch, 4GB of ram, 500GB of memory and is really fast for now with the firewire. Imagine if I hooked it up with the thunderbolt thingy(:
So that’s that and this ticks the MacBook pro off my list of wants and needs. I should probably update that list soon:3 Probably need to add a bigger table to that list>.>
Many thanks to my mum who supported me although I will be paying this off till 2013… At least its interest free!

That crazy woman is putting strange things on me and flashing at me again!!!!
I shot for the Mardi Gras party at TGIF last Thursday:3 That shoot deserves a post of its own but the images I taken are already up on the STOMP website so do check it out(:
Looking back at my images, it is one of the more challenging shoot that I did but it is not my best. I know I can do better. Close your bloody aperture and bring more batteries dammit! But its definitely one with the one of the best people involved and lots of dramas to top it off(: I promise I will blog about it soon<333

Lastly, the results of the point and shoot competition that I participated in came out yesterday. 
I came in 3rd(:
Anyways, this will bring my exhibition count in April to two(: My works for this competition will be up at the Singapore School of Photography from April on and will be there for a month if I am not mistaken:3 Don’t you just love free exhibitions?
Along with the free exhibition and workshop I took back from getting 3rd, I also won a Gorillamobile Tripod for the iPhone if I am not mistaken… 
*Stares at iPod Touch* Alrights. Tripod for sale~

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